Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We have short memories

very short indeed

9 years back the same men were at Kargil

dying at our borders

leaving their families bereft.

The country thought they were the best!

For we saw the bravado

and much was said in press

We PROMISED to honour our men

these men in uniform who protect us

and allow us to sleep so well.

Well, here we are 9 years later

there were much protest

from the men in uniform

coz they were not paid so well

what did you do dear citizens

did u even care?

not one article i read that said

give these men their dues

as they have truly bled

Bled for our nation

bled for our people

they just bled and bled

Most of you didn't care.

We have short memories

and we often forget!!

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