Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Season Jolly

Its the festive Season and every one is in brilliant mood. The markets are all lit up, people are shopping, parties are being held, families are getting together. I agree we just need an excuse to get together in today's time when all are so busy. What keeps us so busy?? Why do we need an excuse to be Happy and Jolly?

Well I am busy getting up in the morning, rushing to work, in spite of the rushing amazingly I am ALWAYS late!! Once in office one is going through the humdrum of the day. I usually leave for home around 6ish. Sometimes I meet my parents on my way home. Other times I might stop at the grocery shop to pick up stuff. Once home you get mangled into household chores. At best I take out some time to talk to a few close friends on the phone. I don't even remember last when a few girlfriends got together to have fun (Now days we usually meet to sob our hearts out) Then its dinner time and a bit of TV morning the grind begins ...again and again and again!

That's my excuse for NOT taking the responsibility for having a better life. My LIFE is my excuse for NOT LIVING. What is yours??

In times like this I think holidays like Diwali, Holi and Xmas force us to take time out to be with the ones we love. Sad but true. One needs to be told to jump off the hectic wheel of NOTHINGNESS that just keeps going round and round, to meet with the ones we love.

I am so glad centuries back a few wise people instituted these traditions that we are so bound by. I grew up hating these traditions and today I am MOST thankful for them. For if it wasn't for them we wouldn't be forced to take time out to thank people who matter the most. With the holidays we are forced to reflect and tell them that we love and care for them. I for one am really thankful for all the wonderful people who have touched my life and shaped it for the better.

So I must give a big shout out to Devjani, Roohie, Chetan, Hiten, Baba, Neeri, Rachita, Charubala and Tiks. Thanks for bringing different vibes into my life with your friendships. Most of you have been givers and some of you have been takers. But, ALL of you have made me take time off from the wheel of life and CHILL. All in all thanks to you guys I have a balance in my life.

Another round of shout out to my peeps at work. You guys have bought immense joy and fun into my life. You are Young and Vibrant. Most of you stand for hope and I much admire all of you. So here is a holla for Kanika, Aastha, Chirag, Diwakar and Varun the newbie.

Last and not the least a BIG shout out for my better half. You have stood the test of time with me. We have come a long way on the rocky terrain of life and we still have miles to go. Thank you for being my partner. I love you.

With that dear all, wish you the best in this festive season and super holidays! Please go ahead and spread the Joy amongst your family and friends. That my dear, needs NO seed for thought!!


I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

Every day should be Christmas!!
if i had it my way


sings loudly***

SePuLcHrE said...

interesting :)
goes out to a majority of us :)

Charubala said...

This makes me feel comforted that its not just my life that is chaotic, jumbled up and yet a fun ride all the way! Yes we are forced to get off it some time, but I think the fact is that because the moments are few and far between, we cherish them so much! And, thanks, small miracle, for making me pause and think of all my friends and family with appreciation! As I told you yesterday, love 'em, hate 'em, but thank god they are there in my life!

small miracle said...

Thanks Charu for leaving a comment as u know it ment a lot to me!! Have s SUPER 2009!!