Friday, December 5, 2008

All Right

"Everything is going to be all right"

I think this phase is helped millions of people in life. When I was in school, even the smallest bad incident felt like an earth shattering experience. Anna ( my mum) would always hug me tight and say " Everything is going to be all right". At that point it just felt like she was making me feel better about life. At that very minute nothing felt right. It was absolutely next to impossible that everything is going to be all right. Life was to come to a screeching halt. It was all over, I could now not face the world...ever!

Today, when I look back and think about the million hurts both emotional and physical one has had in life. There are both physical and emotional scars to bare, as a proof to show my time on earth. I have survived terrible teachers, backbiting friends, lousy mean relatives, jealous colleagues, nasty human beings who are just plain bitter, terrible disappointments in love and relationships, and also have been pretty unwell. There have been days when I have just not felt like getting out of bed. That is when I have often heard "Everything is going to be all right". Hundreds of people have said that to me at different times in seems everyone had that confidence in me, but how was it all to ever get all right??

I look back and reflect, how wise was my mother who has FIRST said those words to me. For in spite is all, I have body, mind and soul. I have such lust for life and nothing can keep me down for too long. My eye was always on the Rainbow and not the Clouds.
There is so much I have forgotten and there is still stuff left to forget. By and by one forgets. Some fools your forget and some you forgive. This is life, there are bound to be hiccups. Life is going to make us SWEAT.

Even if my world comes shattering down, I NOW know, one day Everything is going to be all right!! Does everything get alright or it that we learn to forget, Seed for thought?!


This is that said...

Hmmm..very well said Neha. I have seen your ups and downs. And I have always seen you get out of it just fine. One thing I know you dont do, you dont forget. And thats wise. This is what makes you better each time. Sometimes I wonder, how did you get to be so wise? You are childlike, happy, and impulsive, and yet you are so wise and with it. 2 sides of the coin you are Lidder. And I like you very much.peranut

small miracle said...

Thanks Roohie, I am glad God sent you as of my angels. You have made this time very worth while : )
Knowin there are super friends like you lookin out for me, so can life not be fun then??!