Sunday, December 28, 2008


As I sit and ponder on the last Sunday of the year 2009, I realise so much happened this year. AS the year unfolds one doesn't even imagine the impact it leave on ones life as it passes by. Today while sitting in the sun and watching my fish play around in their pond, I saw my reflection in the water and realised so much had happened this year. For one my reflection has big acne scars! Now that's new story for the year 2009 : )

Some of the few landmark stuff that happened ( in random order) this year was
  1. Birth of Omkar Singh Lidder
  2. Having my first fish pond
  3. Virgin Atlantic's landmark flight on Bio fuel that I witnessed at LHR
  4. The stock market crashing. Thank God I had no investments : )
  5. Living with the in laws is a mixed bag of sweets. Some times sweet n at times sour.
  6. K and my friendship falling apart after 17 years
  7. Me finding a confidant and elder sis in Baba
  8. While I learnt not to fall apart, my industry nearly did
  9. D dealing with the worst yr in her marriage.
  10. Last but not the least, My father retiring from the Armed forces.

After all these major changes, I realise that my life will never be the same. Some changes were forced on us, some we had been preparing for a few years and some just happened out of the blue. All in all the year was action packed.

Although its been a mad mad year, I look forward to bringing in 2009 with great gusto and verve. Change is the only constant they say and I so agree. I resent change as much as I look forward to it. Sometimes change is thrust on us and sometimes we crave for it. I am so glad life takes its own turns. I know many times I would have been too lazy to make my life take those turns. When friendships and relationships fall apart, one is so unhappy and resents the ugliness that goes behind it. But, then a rotting friendship that comes to an end also leaves behind space for a new and exciting relationship to blossom. Old Flowers welt and through their decomposition new ones come out.

I don't know what the new year holds for me, but I do hope when it does unravel it self I am well dressed for it ; ) As they say life happens to you when u least expect it. Seed for thought?!


SePuLcHrE said...

life happens when u least expect true!

seems like a big year for u it talking outta certain relationships...or 17 years going "whooosh" ... (maybe thats the turn...n the prestige is still due). wishes for a new year .... ought to be a big one :)

small miracle said...

Thanks! Yes its been a year. Like all theyears it has left it mark on my life.
Well, a 17 year friendship deseves a full blog ant juss a mere mention as it really stand the test of time during the most crucial yrs of my life.I have great regard for it but I also respect the fact that one needs to know when to let go..
Wish u a brilliant year as well. Have a good one!!

Varun & Ananya said...

It is so very true that life happens to you when you least expect it... and then when it finishes, is when you realize what you missed..