Monday, December 22, 2008


Things are rough
and all is not well
Your heart is broken
this pain never seems to end
Your love has forsaken you
and its just plain hell

You were meant to be together
this is not how it was supposed to end
Love is supposed to go on
and never really end
its supposed to shine bright
and show us the light
till we burn bright

One hand your mother and on the other your lover
who do you chose?
for you meant well
I feel sad for you my friend
this journey as you might sense
is filled with hardships
no one else can ease it, as well

Its Karma I felt
the moment you left KL
I will be there for you dear friend
but the road will be lonely
Its going to be only you in the end.

I watch helplessly

as I see you shatter

into a million small pieces

and tears will flow freely

For that's how love always end..

Till we pick up the pieces and

new love compels...


I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

the mush in u is very much alive


SePuLcHrE said...

positivity adds for sure!

what matters more is...can it be transformed to truth?
i agree it can.....but how many of us do it?

neverthless...a fine set of words put together

small miracle said...

What would life be without any hope?!! I think the day hope dies, all falls apart.

Thanks for your comments Sepulchre : )

SePuLcHrE said...

life - it's a constant!
with or without hope

its all about making a choice - wether u wanna face it in the begining .... or in the end :)

small miracle said...

Hey! i do have other posts ; ) pls feel to read them and comment!