Sunday, December 21, 2008


Today I went for an awesome Brunch to Olive Beach. Beautiful day, good company, lovely food and unlimited Martinis. It was absolutely brilliant! What a super way to star the holiday season I thought. I have been alcohol free for many years now, a few shandy here and there or a glass of wine maybe. But, today was an exception. I downed 6 different martinis (chocotini was my favourite!) till my drinks were falling all over the place. It got me thinking to why I had given up this social activity of drinking? Was it that I did not enjoy being out of control??

My first absolute alcohol fuelled session was in my early 20's and for the next few years I had a blast. It was great fun to drink and go out and party. Every one seemed so nice and friendly. Especially when it came to alcohol. I used to always notice how boys would jump up to get you a drink as soon as your glass got over. Luckily for me I have never really had many of these total binge out sessions. Being in some what kinda control was always very important.

Around year 2000 I got sick of it all and gave up drinking for good. Slowly all the parties seemed so boring. I was always getting into arguments with people who were drunk. They would annoy me no end. Especially those who insisted it wasn't a party till I drank. I mean, hello, I don't want to drink. As simple as please mind your drinking business and leave me alone.

Why is that we need alcohol to get along??! If I don't like you with a drink, chances of me liking you after a drink are highly unlikely. Rather its more likely that I will tell you how boring or annoying you are after a drink or two.

Now I drink once in a while when I am in good company. To me now its all about the company.I like to drink with people who I know I like when I am sober. Today was one of those days. I had a brilliant time with people I know I enjoy hanging out with. Drinking with them only made the afternoon more fun.

I wish I did these social brunches more often. But, then is it the drinks that makes me like the company or the company that makes me like my drink?? Seed for thought??


Goudy Regular said...

That's an interesting perspective. I personally am Not the toast of any booze company, and neither do I owe my permanent buzz in the head to any intoxicant liquid or gaseous. But I have always held this thought that supposing we were to have placebos served, I mean lemonade and watermelon juice to go around, would the conversation be lukewarm? Would we stop jabbering? Would we not let our hair down? I think so. I am sure you and I can sit down and laugh our guts over anything, among friends and strangers, without having to resort to Bacchus and his cronies. I think the ability to talk and communicate comes from deep within. It's a reflex, an automatic response system from within. Rather than being the resultant action of alcohol in the blood stream. I think the company is what intoxicates, and makes the moment headier, and not the number of empty glasses. I would think conversation springs from a clear mind, and a tequila laden mind would be more of an embarassing hindrance to the flow of free speech and free thought. Sure losers might want to think that hooch uncorks intelligence and intellectual content. But the more people I know who use the camouflage of tipsiness to be garrulous, often use that cover to peddle crap, lewdness and obnoxious prattle. And certainly not engaging wisdom. I have always thought great company is like a great scotch. There's nothing more you need to enjoy the sprite of life. Perhaps when the company is bad, and silence is the only option, maybe then is when I would allow a glass of something more substantial than water to punctuate my loneliness. So there! This is the first ever time I found a blog worth commenting. Thanks Neha.

small miracle said...

I agree Pat. Very well put about conversations flowing from clear mind. Deep and meaningful conversations need no catalyst.

Thank you so much for reading and taking time out from ur really hectic life to share ur views as well.