Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Circles in the Air

When I got all the Answers, my Questions had changed. Circles in the Air…Round and Round.

Life does come full circle, doesn’t it? One fine day you complete a karmic, emotional, physical and spiritual journey. What you are left with is the realization that the circle is complete…

I went back to Pune after a few years. This is where I did my MBA and met nik. We started dating and went of on spend 2 years absolutely inseparable. I was so unsure if I wanted to go back there…what if everything came rushing back to me?? I have worked too damn hard to restart my life and I didn’t want to allow my self to be in that emotional place again.

Well, I had a choice, either I sit paralyzed in fear of what if or take that much needed break that I so deserved and go meet my beau. Have you noticed how my life is FULL of these strange situations? Well, after days of dilly dallying I decided to go meet my fears at Pune.

Lets just say from the moment I landed, in apprehension, I was just swept away with positivity and exuberance. I got picked up at the airport and had a really mad fun ride in an Auto. Hadn’t done that in the longest time. Rather than meeting fear I actually met my youth. It was waiting for me…I guess for years. Hoping one day I will come back and visit. Back to River view at Koregaon Park...waiting in a Que to enter a club after years. It all felt just right.

I had such a joyful stay…went all over. All I had was great memories of Tiks, R, my mad surd gang at Koregaon Park and Birds Nest. My brother got married in Pune. I first learnt to drive my kinetic here…first time got smashed drunk here…so many firsts.

R do you remember how mad we were? Like nothing could touch us....from buying ciggies from the railway station to dragging my kiney in the night outside the colony to drive down to Koregaon. No one could rule us. We were the keepers of our precious life.

Eerily I got a call from nik when I was there and I am happy to report that I didn’t think twice before not taking his call. Nor did I dwell on it….it like I was being tested by destiny and I didn't crumble as expected.

Pune has changed for the better…and I guess so have I. There I was hoping to get some answers to a broken past, just to realize that nothing is physical …its just circles in the air…those fade away in time. I was happy to have gone to be with someone who matter and to whom I matter. Another circle in the air!

The more we try to circle our life into a set universe pattern...the more circles in the air we make…Seed for Thought for those who like me have spent years bringing order in my mythical universe. Loosen Up. Live for today!

Monday, June 14, 2010


She: (on the phone)I have had such a tiring day at work. Bad terrible day.

He: Listen just relax. Be positive. This too shall pass

She: There is nothing to this day that I can turn positive. My life is a mess.

He: Try living.You give up very fast in life

She: I am tired of life at times. It’s such a grind. Can this slog not ever end?

He: Why do you have to be so negative? Relax baby, be happy to be alive

She : You won’t get it. Life is so complicated. Some days are just an emotional and physical drain. Can't wait to get out of office

He: I wont get it?? Do I not live on the same planet

She: Ok forget this…let me come home and make some nice spicy chicken and unwind over dinner

He: Ok that sounds good. But, you do know that I don’t like spicy food

She: Ok Ok what ever makes you happy. I just want to come home to you. Don't go back tonight...stay for dinner.

He: See you soon baby!

Evening a very tired She rings the door bell.

He: Don’t open your eyes. I mean walk in but keep your eyes closed. What the heck let me close your eyes and walk you in? No peeking!!

She: (hearts thumping)What’s happening?? I can hear lovely music. What’s the surprise?? This is too exciting!

He: (Sits her down on a couch). Have you ever sat here before?

She: (whispers) no actually no one has. Its been a piece of new furniture..not yet a part of my new home.

He: Why are you looking so shocked my dear? You can blink you know!

She: (her eyes are darting about the room) God! You have taken out all the candles and lit them. My favorite wine is out of the rack and wine glasses too!!

He: Now sit back on your new couch, sip on your favorite red wine in your favorite glass...thats how you do things when you have people over...right?

She: But, I mean, how…Gosh! I am stuttering aren’t I??

He: (an hour and a wine bottle later, running his fingers through her hair) How are your nerves now?

She: I can’t believe you actually entered the kitchen and made spicy chicken….you don’t even eat spicy food and yet you ate every last bit with me…I think the wine has gone to my head!

He: I don’t know about the wine but you have come into my heart. I see you battle it out every day…I even urge you to the battle. Love remember one thing, while life is making you stronger and I am making you softer..

She: (Looking into his eyes) You make so much sense, always! Every day I am hardened yet I grow softer in my heart. Only you and I can understand this. This was the most perfect day…you are adored!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


100th post…wow! I didn’t think that I would ever write and for that matter if any one would even bother commenting/reading/debating. It’s been such a crazy experience, this Blogging. I made 2 friends who are bloggers and now we have crossed over from cyber space to the real world. Agent Green Grass and Sepulcher…thank you for reading and extending your friendship.

The biggest thank you, to R and Tattoo Boy for encouraging me. Although I was already blogging since 2007 but sometime in 2008 R called me said..Listen small miracle why don’t you try your hand at writing. There is so much you have to get out of your system. There in started my catharsis on the cyber world…where I could be anonymous yet express and vent. So much has happened since 2007 till now. It feels like I have lived a life time.

Looking back I can’t believe not only did I walk through fire…I also survived and now I am thriving…who would have thought. I want to also express my joy to my new DUDE beau ( he is not very happy being referred to as "gorgeous"...too feminine fer him he says). I appreciate all his "think happy thoughts and write positive" feedback on my blog...

Just like that one day it’s the 100th post. Just like that life happens to you…through it all just try to remember that, There is only one you for ALL TIME. Fearlessly be your self.

A Roman Philosopher once said “Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.” I have experienced it all..have you??

A Seed for Thought for the ones who don’t marvel the wonderment called time.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lardy Hell!!

1. New Home – tick

2. New Job – tick

3. New Romance – tick

4. New Life - tick

5. New physical fitness regimen - why the hell can’t I get to tick this box!

After much procrastination, the last bit of getting my life in order has been set in motion. My office has moved just 10 minutes away…and I nearly cross my gym everyday. But I just can’t get myself to get into the gym. It’s like I come under a spell and drive right past it. I can’t feel a thing. Nothing. No remorse of spending hundred of rupees at the gym at my annual membership. What is wrong with me?? After years of being physically fit and avid gym-er it’s literally something I can’t get my self to do.

Then I go on this beautiful holiday to the hills. River rafting with my new beau (did I mention I have one and he’s gorgeous!) and all the fun was had. I come back and excitedly go through the pictures. Halfway through I give out this blood curdling scream…a shriek that scared me too. What do I see here now…I mean this is just not possible…could it be true.. I mean IT IS true but this can’t be happening to me. I see this picture of mine with a paunch…People it’s “I am preggers with your baby” paunch!!

Bloody hell…I had the most in-shape body with a creep who cheated on me… what a freakin waste! Now how am I ever supposed to get to the next level with the gorgeous one??! That kinda woke me out of my long slumber of fitness. I had been so busy repairing my life that I had totally forgotten that stress has begun to show on me right there…at my mid section, swollen face, big hips. I can’t seem to even fit into my favorite Victoria Secrets!!!

So a few days back I pulled my self to the gym…for the love of self and the gorgeous one. I must, I must, I must reduce this paunch!!! It’s been such a painful experience of walking, jogging, kick boxing, stretching….I can go on. I know its going to taking sweating it out for hours, days, weeks and months. Just when the mental test got over, the physical one began. Lardy hell!!

While I run to put my body back in order, the man who got me to this super stressed place has just acquired himself a BMW!! Is there any thing left to see in life I wonder?? Where the fuck is my SMALL MIRACLE!!!! God I don't ask for a fancy alimony,  a flatter stomach and size 8 will do for now!!!!

“Why do bad things happen to good people?” Coz it’s a bet between God and Satan to see if the good one will go over to the dark side….and scratch cheaters BMW with a wide blade! A Seed for Thought!