Friday, December 19, 2008


Whats a girl without make, right?! Well, I grew up with great fascination for all things colourful and bright. During my high school days I used to wear bright blue mascara, Lakme Kajal...that's it. I wasn't allowed to wear make at all. My family would go nuts if I did, nor did I have the inclination back then. During college I graduated to wearing eyeliners and eye shadows. Still no lipsticks. Don't know why but its only when I was doing my MBA that I started wearing lipsticks. Those were the days of buying really nice Red, Burgundy, Brown etc Apple lip liner pencils. I graduated to pencils but stayed away from hard core make up like foundation, blush etc.

I think it also had a lot to do with money. Its only when I started earning that I bought a foundation, that too I hardly ever used. In 1999 I moved to Washington DC and that's where my life changed for ever! I still remember walking around malls for hours and hours just amazed with the number of make up brands that existed! Here I grew up only with Lakme' and Tips and Toes. What fun it was to explore hundreds of make up and skin care products.

Its from there my love for make up started and lets say that love now borders on insanity. I think I spend a lot of my hard earned money on makeup which will eventually ruin my skin. But I don't care, my dear. That lovely Burgundy eyeliner, nude lipstick, peach blusher, navy blue mascara...I can go on and on!!

Currently I am suffering from a terrible bout of acne and it is this wonderful invention of make up that has stopped me from having a total nervous breakdown. I just slap on some wonderful foundation and concealer from MAC and all is fine in paradise!!

My favourite makeup is created by MAC. Its smooth, doesn't have any odour or fragrance in it. The products are state of the art, edgy and beautiful! I love the fact that they give back to society with the Viva Glam lipstick sale. It speaks volumes to me as a consumer that MAC takes up causes like AIDS that require immense funding. Or maybe its just an excuse for me to buy my next Viva Glam : )

My favourite look is dark eyes, really really dark eyes and nude lipstick(refer to the pic above). Though I think in this festive season one should reverse it with light eyes and nice bright Red lipstick. I think this Christmas Santa will be bringing me some Make up from MAC : )

Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art

Seed for thought??


Charubala said...

Small miracle, I loved this article. It is soooo you! I pretty much graduated on the makeup front that, but ground to a halt beyond eyeliner and lipstick. Many a time have I passed by those cosmetics counters, esp at duty free when you have all the time to kill, but never found it in me to go across and get a makeover done... Wonder why... Maybe its not too late to start!
And as I have always told you, you have an alternate career as a stylist, sorta the Indian Trinny!!

small miracle said...

Hmmm..we have to change that in 2009,don't we??!! A charu make over is due! : ) I have the time when u have the inclination...