Tuesday, November 6, 2007

small window, big hope

Its been over a year since my uncle Col Ravi Prinja passed away. He was a man full of life and brought absolute joy to every ones life. How can i ever forget him flying down a bicycle for me on my 10th birthday...boy was that an amazing surprise considering he was posted in Sikkim.

Then one day he gets up in the morning a week after his 51st birthday and sees off a convoy and passes away with the heart attack. That was the first time i faced death of a loved one at such close quarters..and trust me it was not pretty. So much of devastation and the feeling of immense loss.

Its been a year and still its so tough to deal with...does death ever become easy topic to deal with? Its supposed to get alright...but why hasn't it??

I think now...and finally after much soul searching and help book readings...it struck me. Why mourn the death when one can celebrate the life.

Mamu you haven't lost this life...you have gained one and added it to many life times that your soul has journeyed. I just feel very privileged to have been part of it in this life time. Ours souls will meet again and again and I know I Will LOVE you in each life time. Do we have Karmic connections with some souls that lasts through many lifetimes? A seed for thought??

Friday, November 2, 2007

coulda woulda shoulda

How many of us spend our life in the coulda, woulda, shoulda mode! I coulda waited to get married, i woulda got a better job and i shoulda bought that skirt...the list is endless. We spend so much of our life time wondering what was the right thing to have done, said or acted upon. Some times so much of our life goes in the "coulda, woulda and shoulda".

I coulda started a blog earlier, i woulda have loads of people interested in my ramblings and i shoulda not have wasted those many hours away watching TV!

Its so interesting to see that we spend so much time in retrospect. Life should have come with a remote control to rewind and fast forward so much that happens to us. Some times things happen to us without our blessings and most of the times we invite what we get in our lives. hmmm...hows that for a seed for thought???

Thursday, November 1, 2007

real people

"When real people fall down in life, they get right back up and keep walking.”

So true..how often does one have time to ponder about life's misgivings...especially when one is running from home to office to meetings to gym back home to make dinner...when does one sit down and think "today i can't pick my self up". Hey who is gonna do it if u can't do it ur self. No One..no one out there is waiting to pick you up just like the world is NOT waiting for one to fall. The notion that pure good and pure evil exists is just not true.

I wonder who has the time to laugh when i fall ...the same way i wonder who has the time to pick me up when i fall???

Why do we take life so seriously...now how is that as a seed for thought???

cause and effect

While growing up one is always told about cause n effect and one doesn't for a minute to wait to think how true it could be...it follows u through life and there is no respite!

The day i get into office all happy and content i see my team echo my mood...the day my mood is dark all i see is unhappy and angry faces around me. Its like u literally make the day happen in front of you. one has the power but one just doesn't realise it.

I learnt it the hard hard way by reacting to people and moods, now its about leading the pack with my aura and attitude. Try it!! Now how is that as a seed for thought?