Thursday, December 18, 2008


Why is that leaders are so inept at handling people. How can you lead people if you can't connect to them in the first place?! If you don't know what I do how can you advise me on what not to do??

The corporate world is full of people many who have reached the right place coz they were apple polishing at the right time. I know I am a square peg in a round hole. I worked to get where I have and I will be damned to have any favours sent my way. I can't be bothered with brown nosing. Yes, I do believe in being nice to my boss and team. Who wants to be working in a hostile environment. Unfortunately for me the world doesn't think the same way.

Frankly, in my 12 odd years of working I have not had even ONE boss who has taught me my job. I learnt on my own, trial and error, trial and error and trial and error. All the trial and errors have been mine...burning the mid night lamp to know what brand building was all about. There has been no one who has really said talk like this, sit like this, write like this, negotiated like this...strangely I have almost ALWAYS has very insecure bosses who have only felt a tad threatened.

To me its really sad. I hand hold my teams enough till I can see them walk on their own. Their brilliance of lack of it has never been personal. Its just that some have been eager beavers and some have been lazy lumps.

I think there are far too many insecure people out there. They are just not right for the jobs. Most of them SUCK at leading as they are so busy looking over their shoulder, shit scared in case some one will take over. Very rarely one finds leaders that are looking ahead. These people have built strong teams that trust and value the leaders. They watch their boss's back while they lead.

Every year, thousands and thousands of people join the rat race, most of them are just that ...RATS!! They reproduce their own kind at an alarming rate. The "YES SIR " mentality is bred slowly but surly. I see so many unhappy people, its scary at times. Half of them lose their will to survive and suffer major quarter life and mid life crisis.

Mostly people think, when I will get that next position/promotion I will be better at what I do. No, if you are insecure now and can't do your job, chances of you screwing up in the next level are very high. Be a damn good trainee or executive and chances are you will be right on top a few years later! Mind you not only will you be there, you will also be where you want to be at YOUR terms!

Leadership is an action, not a position. Donald H. McGannon

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I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

i love the heading and i think the end bit is hilariousssss, thats the wacky me reviewing your post.

the serious me's review -
i think your so right about the rat race bit and the corporate corruption bit..its a man's world and sadly the man who is the biggest cheat rules.

you really need to put this in the confessions part 2 segment. Love the mix between work, life, fashion and everything u experience lol

I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

oh and this is the desi version of
'business stripped bare'

a cooler version with more facts and lots of dishing happening...

runs to random house*** to buy this !! :p

Goudy Regular said...

yes neha. rats they are. and i think they'd only keep scurrying about forever worried about their own wallets. on my way up, i have side stepped and even stepped on the egos of so many of these bandicoots, and often told them what i think/thought of their closed self obsessed lives. leadership is something that can never be taught. much like power is never given, power is always taken. you have to become a leader, and when you take on that mantle, nothing else should bother you other than you doing everything to lead your followers. And you got to do that selflessly. Leading isnt just providing vision. Its also about helping, motivating, showing the way. And it has to come from the heart. ( which most of them dont have ). As a leader, or as someone who's been leading teams nationally, and even internationally, one thing that I have always done is to grow a breed of juniors with honest inspiration. Most of them have grown bigger than they would have ever done if left to the so called leaders of our times. And some have even grown unfortunately into the ruthlessness that I wanted them to avoid. However, I think, the human tendency to be tempted by greed is often the dampening side of coroprate leadership. Many have succumbed blatantly, and I know many who keep siphoning off without remorse. In the process they lead only to rob. And they inspire their minnows to learn swimming in their wake. Unfortunately, in many mnc set ups, leadership is equaivalent to the size of the car you roll in. and we have people who look up to their wheels and follow them. Strange is the world. And its usually these leaders whom the world compliments.