Thursday, February 26, 2009

Parker Gal

If there is one person out there who I think I can identify with when it comes to clothes, it’s Sarah Jessica Parker. She is just way to Cool. I like Carrie the character she played in “Sex and the City”. Carrie was fun, confused, brilliant, lived for the moment and yes she dressed mad. There are not many women out there who could carry off those crazy outfits worn by SJP.

I too have always dressed mad and different. I have always used fashion to express what I feel at that point. If I get up grey and sad, I almost always wear colours. It’s just something that I know will be a great pick me up. Lets just say colours are my “happy” pills.

Then on the days you know the world is yours to conquer. I will wear dull colours because that day I know my personality will over shadow the clothes. That’s just how it goes. I think mad dressing clearly shows the personality of the person wearing it. Though I will like to put it on record, I am pretty sane!

It’s not just that the character Carrie wore mad mad outfits that look amazing on her. I love what SJP wears on the red carpet. I loved her headpiece at one of the premiers of SATC movie premiers. What coolness.

I will never be one of those wearing the same Hip and Cool clothes that all the women out there seem to be wearing. How does your personality even shine through…or better still do you even have a mind of your own if you follow fashion blindly?! Sometimes you can’t do much. Like what do you with you LBD (Little Black Dress). Nothing. So then you go crazy with the accessories.

I am so glad that Sarah Jessica Parker happened to us ladies. SATC was a show about women who lived their life to the fullest in their 30’s. They clearly had a mind of their own and that mind certainly helped them dress Fabulously!! SJP you are a kick ass lady and I Love ya!

Do we get defined by the clothes we wear or do we define what we wear?!! Seed for thought my ladies.


The armour is tight and secure
Nothing goes through it now
I can feel no pain
You see I have to protect me with my armour

The weight of it is a bit heavy
And I have to take it everywhere
Pain is so random
It could be anywhere

How do I feel free with this armour?
It so restricts my move
I can’t seem to sleep well
The weight is too heavy for me to move

In spite of the obvious weight
I don’t want to remove it
I will protect my self from the pain
Hence my armour goes with me everywhere

The one-day I wake up
To find a chink in the steel
How and and when did it happen
I can’t comprehend

Who made a dent in my armour?
Who dare get so near?
It is supposed to protect me
And save me from the pain

My god there is a chink in my armour
How will I protect my self?
I ask you to reveal your intention
Impostor why do you come so near?

There is a chink in my armour
And I don’t know what to do
There will be fresh air for a moment
But I know pain will follow soon.

There is a chink in my armour
And I don’t know what to do!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Its just one of those days, you want to run bare foot in the grass. Just. No reason. It feels good and one can want to feel good right?! Well I used to do that very often at Akbar road when dad was in service. Of course my pedicurist was not a happy camper at all. He just couldn’t understand why would one want to do that and ruin their feet.

How do I explain it to the dear man? It’s just the feeling of that grass on the soles of my feet. It’s an in-between feeling. It’s neither soft nor prickly. Just the right ticklish feeling. I love it. But, for him I am making his life very very difficult. He just wants me to have the perfect clean feet. That's it. Pleasures be damned!

What is with grass and me? I also love the fragrance of cut grass. The fragrance is just intoxicating. I love sitting on the pile of cut grass…look up in the sky and let my mind wander. There are times when I can swear that the clouds are making funny faces at me. Its like they are not too happy that they are so far away from the pile of cut grass. They wanna sink into the intoxicating fragrance as much as I do. Just sinkkkkk into it.

Other times Sweety my mutt and I run round and round in the lawn…its like we both are competing who will run faster and topple the other over. She almost always wins by ensuring that she topples me with her fancy manoeuvres. Then we just flop down on the lawn. I have spent many a days playing this mad game with her. There is nothing that beats the feeling of grass on my feet. I have a feeling sweety loves it as much as I do.

Today I feel like taking off my high heels and run with gay abandon on the grass. Today I really want to feel good. Today I do want to intoxicate myself with the heady fragrance.

Why do we feel guilty when we do something that makes us feel so right? Why can’t we just think of the amazing feeling of the grass and not worry about the green stains?

Simple pleasures are always the last refuge of the complex Oscar Wilde. Seed for thought?!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Softly Numb

He: Can I borrow your soul for a while
She: Why not, its really not doing anything worthwhile

He: I promise to pamper your soul, in case you miss it so
She: Sure go ahead its your for some time, the devil is gonna be fun for a while

He: Err...if its not a problem, can I take it to another time
She: It depends what you are going to do with it, please ensure it stays and smiles

He: Hey, do you know your soul and I really gel
She: Of course as yours and mine have so much to tell

He: We are going to fly upwards towards the sky. Through the clouds, its heaven with soft cool breeze. Here no human exist
She: My dear please treat my soul well. Its slogged its butt off and now it needs this much required rest

He: Hey, its just the beginning of the sail. Your soul and mine really do gel
She: I hope it told you I like the sea, the waves and the sound water over rough shores

He: Well, we are exploring past life. Beautiful sculptures, old forts, remains of past life is pleasing as hell
She: Hmmm..I like the sound of it. I really think you mean well

He: Its beautiful here. So pretty. So antique
She: Are you talking about the sights or my soul?

He: Your soul is looking straight into my eyes. Its inquisitive. It wants to know.
She: That's me. That's my soul. I always want to know. Dig deep and deeper. Till there is nothing left to know

He: Its your soul. Its doesn't belong to me. I am ready to let go. But know I am one with you.
She: I don't know what to say. Can I have back my soul?

He: You like me. My soul knows
She: I have to think and find the right thing to say.

He: With me, soul has discovered, taught, enjoyed and lived life the hearty way
She: Damn, is this how it is to be softly numb?!!


Today was one of those rare days when I woke and switched on the telly while my brain was still half asleep. VH1 full blast and lo behold, oneof my favourite band THE PRODIGY came on with Omen. Man, what a super brilliant way to start the day. I was jumping all over the bed with Omen blasting...things falling off the TV...some songs just do that to you.

The Prodigy take me back to good ol Pune days. Those when I would be zooming up and down on my Kinetic Honda and people would complain to Anna that your daughter drives too rashly. Those days of going triple riding to outskirts of Pune with N, Tiks and me....rain dancing. Those rave rain dance parties were the best. It was so difficult to get an invite and Tiks some how always always managed. The idea was to just get high on absolutely awesome rave and techno music. The dance floor would have continuous down pour of water and all of us dancing under neath it for hours. One just didn't care of about make up, clothes or shoes

Then N would drive us back...wet and cold...all 3 of us screaming on top our lungs...laughing...freezing...joyous. Then as quietly as he could he would put off the bike a few yards away from Tiks and my respective home. Drop us home at 4 in the morning and quietly drive off.

Firestarter song took me through my first year of working as well. I would listen to " smack my bitch up" right on my desk at work the entire day long. Till today all the guys from Grey call me Techno coz of the music playing on my desk. All the rock band lovers hated my guts : )

The Prodigy first album is seared in my brain for life. Fat of the Land.

What great memories of the good ol days of Techno and Rave. Tiks and I OWNED 10 downing street. We would enter the pub and the music would change. The DJ was a great fan of ours and trust me when I say, we OWNED the Dance Floor! Back then D, tiks and I were the ONLY ones who ever got to have a tab running at the Pub. Rest were told to pay now or bugger off. Almost all thought we gals were on some heavy duty dope or something but trust me it almost always Classic ultra milds, Old Monk straight from the bottle and Awesome rave and techno music.

We were high on Music. We were the Fire starters of Pune!

I am just so happy to have woken up to The Prodigy today, so what if it wasn't Firestarter. I know I am the Firestarter!!

Music is the window to our soul...I wonder wots in mine. Am I bad gal gone good : ) A Seed for thought?!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This Friday is my 6th wedding anniversary. these years have passed. Today looking back I feel there is so much one could have done differently and yet given a chance I guess I would do it the same, all over again.

I was the calmest bride I know. I threw no tantrums...was calm as hell. I had no fights with Friends, relatives or suppliers. I even went to check the venue and liked what I saw. I was happy and shared my joy with all. My bridal mehndi was done by the street kids as D was rehabilitating them, so I had all rubbish made on my hands and legs, and that too didn't matter. I didn't have any fancy sangeet, mehndi or cocktail nights. Its was just my wedding day. That all that was important to me. So, I skipped all the frills and my parents understood and I think were secretly thankful as well.

The only day in my life I thought I looked amazing was when I saw my self all dressed up in my Red Bridal attire. I guess I can say that with certainly, I will never look that way again. I was radiant with love, hope and anticipation of an amazing tomorrow. After all I was marrying the man that I loved.

We had a long dating period, we didn't rush into a marriage. I knew him and liked what I knew. He had the right value systems that I think I would have liked our children to have. In my eyes he was intelligent, articulate, caring, deep and supportive. He loved me and accepted me for who I was. I was mad and he was calm. He was the epicentre and I was the earthquake.

My wedding was the first day when both my father and my brother told me I looked beautiful. That was the only day I have ever heard both these men compliment me. Never gonna happen again, I know for sure : ) Both these men had spend my growing years asking me "Are you gonna wear THAT and go out?!?!" so, clearly they were NOT fans of me!

Today, nearing the 6th I can safely say marriage is a mystery that I don't get. Its companionship, yet we need space. Its togetherness yet we are so apart. Its love yet there is angst. Its caring yet we can hurt. Its joy yet there is pain. Its fidelity yet it seems one needs more. I think its far too complicated that I now have decided to let it be. I LOVE my man. Nothing else matters.
The 7 deadly sins do exist. Lust.Gluttony.Greed.Sloth.Wrath.Envy.Pride. This year and every year my sin is Love.
Shall I compare thee to a summers day
Sonnet 18 William Shakespeare

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date.
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimmed;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance, or nature's changing course untrimmed.
But thy eternal summer shall not fade
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st;
Nor shall death brag thou wand'rest in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou grow'st,
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

A seed for thought for lovers out there?!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Now that the "V" day is over and done with, lets talk about LOVE without any pressure! Looking way back into my life I think, the first time I felt the burst of love was when I was in Shimla. My mother used to teach in this boys school called St Edwards. She was doing this play by George Bernard Shaw called "Arms and the Man". The main protagonist was "Chocolate Cream Soldier" and needless to say Anna (my mum) had chosen this prefect boy to play the role. That was my first crush if I may say so. I was all of 12 and just couldn't get it why my cheeks would go red every time Chocolate Cream Solider came and spoke with me...well, that was it. He would talk and I would go red....and from there I got addicted to love.

I think we all love the feeling of love coz of the adrenalin. In my teens it was all about the Pumping of heart, Skipped beats and Giant Butterflies in the stomach. I had my first major crush in my teens and over the years pondered if it was love. I had fun dates, those stolen glances, dance evenings...lets just say I thought he was my Chocolate cream solider. It was so innocently crazy and romantic. The girls would get together at some ones place in the night discuss all their boyfriends and crushes. "He looked and you like this and then said this"...those we such mad sweet days of longing for love...amazing days of GROWING UP. Life was about flowers, hearts, anonymous letters, blank calls and all things sweet and candyfloss!

Over the years love has taken different means and twists and turns. College taught me love for friends. I formed some serious sisterhoods and learnt all about being selfless. It was love of a different kind. But love never the less. Then there is love for our parents, brother and family. That love holds the meaning of your life together. Love of a parent is unconditional. There is love for mankind, pets, material things, colleagues... there is love for the divine where you put all your love on someone who you don't even know many layers to love....

MBA was the time when I had my adult love with a man. It was about the loving, lusting, sharing, caring, giving and wanting. I spent every waking minute with my man. We couldn't get enough of each other. It was unbelievable how much we had to talk about. Years later when we got married, we were busy chatting during the wedding ceremony and his grandma asked me "Aren't you done talking yet?". With him I became a woman and I hope to grow old with him.

Over the years love has changed it meaning. Some times its joy, some times its pain. At times its patience, at times it impatience. Some days its bitter...some days its sweet. Some days it tests you and there are days you test it. Then on days you have had enough and there are days when it leaves you wanting for more. There are days when it is as black as black can be but then there are days when it pumps blood Red Love into your veins. Every time I have learnt a new shade of Love I have resisted, as at times foolishly, I still want it to be about Giant Butterflies.

I don't know if Love will ever be about skipped beats again but what I do know is that I have seen many shades of Love. Those Giant butterflies might not be in my stomach but I see them everyday. All these shades have confirmed one thing to me...when you give out love you get it back in return many folds! I am so addicted to Love!

I often think Of Robert Frost's "The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.” Isn't love all about the promises??!!

We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love - Anonymous. Seed for thought?!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Love Shove

This Valentines day
give Love the Shove
wots with this love
when all you get is shoved.

When you fall in love
The cupid gives you a gentle shove
and then its all about love
you forget about the shove

You shove every one for your love
its only about your love
while in love
other friends love you shove

Then one day your lover gives you the shove
says wots with this Love-Shove?
I plead, but I am so in love
don't give me the shove

I pray to my good god
don't let my love get shoved
god says, my child don't fall for this love
for its all about the shove

Soon you will learn
when your love gets shoved
for I am the only one who knows eternal love
In my care you will not get shoved

I say no my dear lord
I want love from him
Your love my god I shove
He is the only one I love

Its all about this insane love
then one day I got shoved
well, NOW I know I shoulda
given Love the big fat Shove!

This Valentines day give Love the Shove : )

( inspired by Agent Green Glass and Brain Fluid)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shoe of Salvation

Today while waiting for the boys to get me tea in the afternoon, I noticed the hum drum of Global Business Park. People running here there, looking important, feeling important, being important. Every one seemed to know where they were going but had NO CLUE they shoes they were going in. I mean, I could have wept after seeing an important lady in perfectly nice pant suit, ruined with white chappals underneath. What is up with these seemingly important people?!! This is SO wrong.

There are a gazillion choices out there. Use them! You can buy shoes of every size, colour, shape and price. Its so easy. There are hundreds of options. Janpath and Sarojini for Juttis, Kohlapuri, Colourful Chappals. Malls for branded shoes. Roadside for Bangkok and Shanghai shoes. Come on people...use your options!!

For me a shoes makes or breaks the outfit. Wear a white or black outfit and bring in colour with bright yellow, green or red shoes. Winters is all about the boots. There a million boots out there lady and you go wearing white chappals!! The Vixen is very annoyed...No actually, the Vixen is distraught.

The first few things I notice on a goodlookin man is his chest, butt and shoes!! A man with good taste in shoes is definitely a turn on. He knows that the is dotting all the "i" of his outfit and leaving no "t" uncrossed. My man wears nice shoes (actually I secretly thinks he needs shoe rehab!) and thus kept me interested in his appearance all these years. Its all about the well turned out men in well designed shoes. I have never been known to date men who wore chappals.

My favourite shoe shopping destination is Janpath in Delhi and Oxford street in London. Both these places leave you lusting for more. I have been a Janpath fan since the early 90's. No Indian summer has been complete without a few pairs from this great shopping destination. Well, Oxford street makes me weep with JOY. I hope the citizens of London KNOW how lucky they are to love in the shoe heaven of the world.

In my recent trip to Oxford out of many shoes that I bought I would like to mention the lovely purple stilettos. They are so gorgeous that I when I wear them I will need an escort who will whip off his jacket at any sign of dirt. These shoes are actually NOT meant for walkin...only lusting.

The other kinds shoe I totally love love love are Converse. You can wear them summer, winter, autumn...anytime. Jeans or trousers. Casual or formal. They are just perfect. One has to have a good pair of Converse and the shoe closet fairy will be appeased.

Oprah Winfrey once said "I still have my feet on the ground. I just wear better shoes! " My sentiments exactly! Seed for thought?!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Last night I dreamt of my mama (mums younger brother) who passed away in 2006. If you read my post "small window, big hope" you will realise the importance of Col Ravi Prinja in my life. It was an amazing dream, Mamu was looking very nice. His skin was shining, his hair and moustache was jet black. I think he had come to pick up some one. I ran to him and hugged him. As soon as I did that I started to weep. My entire being was shaking while I was sobbing in his arms. He held me tightly and allowed me to cry my heart out. Its like I finally got a chance to say good bye to him. I had been cheated off that. He and I never got to say goodbye. All I was left was with a lot of sorrow of not having told him how much I Loved him, one last time.

After that I don't remember much. But, what I do remember is waking up in the morning really really tired. Its like I hadn't slept at all and very strangely my eyes were swollen. When I woke up my better half looked a bit worried as I was not getting up and he had to leave for the Gym.

I have often believed in the power of dreams. To me its like they speak to me. Tell me things that at times I understand at times I don't. Some dreams I remember from childhood as happy dreams and some dreams haunt me as I fear they will come true. Its so mystical this ability for man to dream. Our souls journey through the unknown while the body rests. Its like we are in another universe where we can fly, jump really high, swim in deep oceans. Do things that we might think impossible. Very Freaky!!

I often dream of me dancing away. I am jumping really high and enjoying the feeling of weightlessness. Any one who knows me will tell ya that I LOVE dancing. Dancing is giving up all your inhibitions and becoming one with the music. Then its just the music and you. I love it.

Dreaming of Mamu was significant last night as I was very disturbed. My Grandma had an heart attack yesterday. One always fears losing them at this age. How much ever a brave front I had put up for the world to see, in my heart I was very afraid of losing her. I don't know why Mamu you came in my dreams after 3 years. But, I am glad you did. That hearty cry left me feeling so much better and lighter.

I feel less scared of the unknown that is on the other side of life. I know you will be there...for me...with me. Like I said in my earlier post, you and I have many life times together and I will love you in each one of them. Every time I need an Angel I will summon you.

Do we live after death? Does a soul family exist that meets lifetime after lifetime?! Or it just our fear of losing a loved one FOREVER that makes us believe that there is much more out there? Or are we just plain bad with goodbyes?? Seed for thought?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Today we made this impromptu trip to SNM( Sarojini Nagar Market). Just one of those mad days at work where we decided to bunk work for Momo's at Chanakya Puri Market and a quickie shopping trip thrown in at SNM. I am so glad that some of us are still so spontaneous. Although the thought of losing ones job right in the mid of recession is daunting to say the least but then would we have really LIVED!??

I truly do surround my self with madness and trust me walking down SNM in my 4 inch Aldo shoes is nothing short of that. This only comes with madness of breaking free from the restrictions of work and expectations of people. Its so much fun to make a clandestine trip to SNM haggling over T-shirts, shoes and other goodies. Begging the vendor to reduce the price to a bare nothing while wearing an outfit that can buy half the store! Yep, I left this awesome shirt behind just coz the vendor was not willing to sell it at a crazy cheap price. I shall regret this till my next fabulous buy.

I also like the peeps in my team. They are as mad and wonderfully bizarre as I am. Rather I think I get inspired by their madness. One chose a bright blue patent PRADA shoe. Boy, was there a pandemonium at the shoe stall. V wanted the shoes and had NO MONEY!! So, he very politely recommended hiding the shoes till he got the money and his half eaten ice cream was a bribe to the shopkeeper for doing so. While the other one went running to buy these uber cool worn in shorts. I have to admit the shopping madness had bitten all of us.

All this while we were panicking a bit as we had only driven about 40 km( one way) and still needed to get back to work, looking fresh as a daisy on a nice spring mornin. I am so glad we just ran away from work and had this day in our life. Years later we might just meet up over coffee and remember the madness of "that" day at SNM!!
Momos as Chanakya is like eating a piece of heaven. I only dine at Chimney's for past 18 yrs. Apart from them making great Momos there is a also a lovely story behind it. I still remember this incident very fondly of us gals from Miranda House being there for a Momo and fruit beer binge session. Every rupee was precious as ends were hard to meet in Hostel. I couldn't finish my last Momo and asked Mamaji, the manager of Chimney to pack it for me. In the evening after dinner I greedily opened the packed expecting to eat my ONE Momo but I was amazed to find 4 pieces there instead. Mamaji had quietly slipped in the extras. Needless to say he felt sad for this pathetic kid asking to pack ONE momo. I guess that just sealed our relationship for life. How can I ever eat any where else now?!

Today with Gods grace one can go to a Sarojini and Chanakya to shop and eat to ones desire. In spite of that the thrill of haggling for that every rupee is immense. I might not be wearing worn down sandals and second hand jeans bough from Laal Quila( the sandals and jeans are in my memory box in the basement), I still enjoy the madness of SNM. These Aldo shoes are going to keep on walking down the crowded lanes.
Do I enjoy SNM and Chanakya as they were a big part of my teen years?! Is the thought of simply breaking away from our past so daunting that it keeps us grounded and rooted to old habits?! Or is that I am just the same ol mad shopaholic who just needs an excuse to break away every now and then. Seed for thought?!


I am rewinding the clock to my college days. I was a hostler in Miranda House. It was my dream to go there as my mother too was a Mirandian hostler. I had grown up with amazing stories and of course the strong friendships formed was another allure. I wanted those friendships as well. Little did I know that those very friendships came with commitment and we unknowingly lived in the era of SPACE.

Those were definitely the best years of my life but they were also the years that I learnt about this phenomenon called "Space"! After all of us had spent considerable time getting to know each other..spending hours...days... weeks chatting. Just when ragging was getting over, we were all exhausted of each others company. Suddenly we could barely stand the sight of each other and all we wanted was SPACE!

I think the only ones we didn't feel the need of space are the ones who are true friends today. Looking back I realise that the relationships which were a burden then didn't survive the test of time. It was crazy how we all had instant attraction to some people. You wanted to know them, befriend them, hope they liked you as much as you liked them...amazing craziness of wanting to know everything about them to being in a mentally exhausted place of wanting Space!

This wanting space factor has NEVER left my life ever since. I need space from my peers at work. I can't even bear the thought of socialising with them once the office is over. As far as I am concerned the concept of spending my precious time with them is just as daunting as me spending all my waking moments with MIL (mother in law). I obviously needs space from the in laws and at times I find my self wanting space my parents as well. SPACE SPACE SPACE. Then I go writing about loneliness...blah!

Some people we need space from and some want space from us. The person who seems to want maximum space from me is my better half. At times I think he just sits in office to avoid coming home! He needs space on Facebook, Orkut,High 5 and all the other cyber places he seems to skulk around. I don't know his friends any more and lord only knows what he does with his Space! I don't understand, my man wouldn't let me breathe on my own till we got married and then right after the honeymoon I woke up to SPACEEEEEEEEE!!

This phenomenon of Space is very bizarre but it seems to hit the best of us. We all get bitten by the SPACE bug and lose all prospective to things that seemed so dear to us at one point. Are we all commitment phobic?! Just when we know that we have to commit to a friendship or a relationship we get panic attacks?! Or are we all just mere thrill seekers...when the thrill is gone magically the desire for Space arises!

A Seed for thought or do you need space now?!

Monday, February 2, 2009


I was reading the latest Vogue(India). While going through the glossy I came across these lovely interviews of Jennifer Aniston and Meg Ryan. Their situation in marriages were so different yet both of them seemed so alike as people. One was cheated on by her husband (Jen) and the other cheated on hers (Meg). Both the ladies are Americas (me thinks, the world's) idea of the girl next door. Cute as a button! I truly think they have inspired the generations around them with their trade mark haircuts. Meg made the shag a super must have and Jen introduced her trade mark haircut in Friends. I have had the pleasure of having both the haircuts. The shag inspired by Meg in When Harry met Sally was my do in 1st year college and the Jen inspired look was my introduction to the Corporate world.

Apart from the haircuts, both the ladies have touched our lives with hope of good girls do have fun as well. I still remember taking my hosteler friends for When harry met Sally on my 18th birthday.It was a movie about finding THE ONE. But I think more than the romance of the movie was the down to earth character of Meg that we all fell in love with. Friends, well lets just say that the show was legendary and there aren't many amongst us who didn't watch show and fell in love with all the 6 characters.

Vogue gently reminded me how these women actually have real lives. They have felt real emotions and gone through huge traumas in their personal lives. I love the way Jen has handled her life. She has been stung by the usual "handsome husband cheating on wife for the pretty young thing and lived happily ever after" and Meg I guess made the blunder of fallin in love with the wrong guy.

I totally enjoyed reading the interview, bless you Vogue. I also realised why both these women were America's sweetheart. They are just so lovable that you hate their husbands for leaving them, even Meg, who cheated on hers (Albeit she had good reasons to). The worlds sympathised with these women. Every one was on team Jennifer side. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie couldn't do a thing about it, in spite of having the worlds most beautiful chromosomes between the both!

I think I truly want to age like Jen. She looks gorgeous while turning 40 this month. Her heartbreak of a cheating husband seemed to have left her a bit sad but not cynical. I love that. I dislike cynics with a passion. They just don't inspire me. Jen is making great movies, dating younger men, looking AWESOME. Way to go girl!!

Honestly, Meg could have avoided the Botox. She didn't need it. Although she seems to have given into the pressure that all women feel starting 30, with or without celebrity, she still has passion for life. After her divorce she channelled her energies to her adopted daughter and all the charity work she does around the globe. I think that's the best way forward. Who needs a man who is so wrong for you.

Some where in Meg's interview she said and I paraphrase, " In my 10 years of marriage I tired to do right by every one but at any given time some one was unhappy". It made me think how true this holds in our lives. We will always try to please and appease every one around us but it seems that some one or the other is always unfulfilled. Relationships are based on expectations and we can never fulfill those expectations at all given times. The social norms that bind us as a society, are the very thing that pulls us apart in the end??
A Seed for Thought?!