Sunday, November 30, 2008

60 hours

Mumbai terrorist attack, 26th -29th Dec 2008

Millions of people around the globe watched a few young, angry, full of hate men kill Innocent people without any remorse. What was particularly perturbing was the fact that they seemed to really enjoy it. After all they were going to be Hero's for all those who follow the same cause of hate.

These young men were clearly remote controlled through the 60 hours of battle. They were constantly on the phone with their mentors in Pakistan. They were following directions to the T. For the youth had passion but not the intelligence that came with age.

Did they do this because they were promised a glorious after life, I think not. It was their ego that was played with, they were promised a Heroic life. The jaded older men who are so full of hate, used these foolish young men. Maybe they promised the boys that they would come back as Hero's, that their dark world will look up to these men. Clearly they were not prepared to die...they were here to earn a rewarded heroic life.

Hero: Why is it so important us humans to be hero's?? what is it that exists in our genes that makes us desire to stand out and be revered. The animal species only kills either to feed or in self defence. What mutated in our genes that we want to kill just to become hero's? While our brain expanded and grew over 1000s of years it also developed these "feelings" that can be enhanced or played with.

We are the only species that walk the earth, who kills for pure pleasure. Is the very brain that grew in order for the man to protect himself, be the very reason the species might end one day??

Seed for thought?!!


I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

So true!!! we all have this unexplainable urge to be heroes...something very deep rooted i guess, some ego related disorder really. I think this urge is what makes the sanest go crazy.

I like what u wrote about the civilization of animals...ur so right about how orderly it is, there are no 'hate crimes' competition..and most certainly no deluded heroism

Sometimes ur seeds of thoughts are actually really eucalyptus trees...(hope that didnt sound stupid..but its true)

This is that said...

We are. Tearing ourselves away from the rhythm of nature. And yet going back to nature whenever this created life fails to validate the basics. Human beings are fearsome. And lost.

chirag said...

Maybe its not inside us, but outside. maybe its the expectations that others have from us that makes us want to be 'heroes'. Every mother wants to be proud of his son, but we also need to realise that this is not inherent within the son, but the mother who wants to prove that she has mothered him really well. It was her that wanted to be a mother and not otherwise. Simlilar is the case with every woman and her expectations from her father and the husband. I also dont deny that this might be a 'chicken & egg' story and everybody might have their own angle, this is mine.

The reason why I'm commenting is because I wanted to show that I have a point and because Neha and me had a discussion about this yesterday. She expected me to have a point and Im writing to prove it. Its just an expectation I am living upto, that makes me want to write an' heroic article'.

Why do you think a monk leaves everything behind and walks to the himalayas to meditatae, why cant he do it staying within the material world? I guess its because his family would want him to earn money, have a stable job and all such nuances. Not to forget, he might have a daughter who lives on the lines of 'my daddy's strongest'. He is expected to be a hero.

It is expectation that makes people who they are.

A terrorosts mindset can somehow be explained by this, quite the other way, literally.

A 10 year old, who plays in the dirty streets of Aghanistan, sees his own people being killed everyday, his mother being abused and his father barely earning any money to support the family. This child is truly vulnerable. For him, earning good money, having a roof on his familys head and neighbours talking about how hard he worked to do all this, is nothing short of heroic. It is this vulnerability, that makes terrorists out of people who aspire to be someone in life.

he is brainwashed and told that killing people in the name of religion will lead him to heaven. His family will be promised a hefty sum of money and he will be promises 'sex with 72 virgins' when he goes to heaven. It is these militant leaders who will tell him that that he has the power to burn mumbai and send the message of god to the world. Loosing his life will make him a a martyr, a hero.

The NSG commandoes who died who for the country are also heroes, arent they!

The only emotion that we have and animals dont, is expectation.

small miracle said...

Cheeru can you PLEASE write your own blog and stop bloggin on mine ; )

I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...