Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative- Oscar Wilde

I can wake up in the morning feeling like a street ally cat dragged me in, open my wardrobe, put a look together...and boy, am I ready to conquer the world!!!

To me its never been about fashion or what look is in. Its always been about how comfortable I am with the clothes and accessories. I know I can't do backless blouses, so I don't. No point wrapping my self in the pallu of my sari coz I am too conscious of the blouse I am wearing.

Judge me as you want, call me a bad human being, bossy boss, terrible cook so on and so forth...BUT don't ever tell me I can't put a look together!
I think I am a gleeful customer on whom the fashion houses live on. I love pushing the envelope, dressing up or for that matter, dressing down. Its all about that careless look that has been shamelessly put together.

Being a woman in The Corporate world can be very confusing for many. Should they be baring their cleavages to get their male colleagues to lust after them? That cleavage show can get that job, easy promotion, lazy deadlines and many a drinks in the evening. Then there are women who are thinking should they dress up like men and blend in. These women dress like men, talk like men and of course abuse like men. If they can abuse in hindi, even better!

Both of these extremes are LOSERS. The cleavage bearers want respect after a few years of putting it all out there and have no chance of getting it. Honey, if he ain't repecting his wife by hanging out with you, you think there a wee bit chance of him respecting you?!
The women who confuse them selves to be men are ball busters. They run the risk of being rejected by both men and women as they clearly don't fit in anywhere. Men are too unnerved by them and women can't identify with them.

I don't dress provocatively at work coz if I wanted to be a slut I would have filled in for "that" position and not done an MBA. Nor will I talk like a man, dress like a man and pretend to scratch my non existent balls! I am WOMAN, thank you very much and absolutely enjoy being one.

Wear pink, yellow or red on a day when you are down. It will immediately brighten your mood. The colours will reflect on your face and brighten it. All the tiredness will visibly disappear. On a day you are feeling bright and chirpy, try wearing blue, black and white coz your body language and mood will uplift the colours you are wearing. Grey and brown should be worn with bright coloured accessories, bight shoes, belts, bags or scarfs will do. A brown outfit with a yellow bag is my favourite.

Ladies, last but not the least, remember stop dressing for the men, especially your man. If you do, then the power is still in their hands to make you feel good, their approval will really matter. He is in a bad mood and tells you your dress is revealing, its only gonna screw your mood. Instead have the confidence to wear that you want. KNOW its not about how he thinks you are looking, its about how you think of your self. If you think you are looking bad, then you probably are! Don't ask people as they will only lie to get out an uncomfortable position.

On that happy note, I end. The VIXEN will be back with many such notes ; )

Don't give a woman advice; one should never give a woman anything she can't wear in the evening. Seed for thought?


I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

Notes by a Vixen - Parte' 1!!!

Loves it!

So really when r u working on ur chick-lit smash hit wonder, pray tell us???

Or is it gonna be a mini-series?

I wanna audition...ill play Mr. Chauhan..
the short letcherous boss who has terrorized the entire female community at work..and spits pan and BC is a word of affection

This is that said...

Nice nice nice...

Anonymous said...

good one..i very fondly remember the yellow bag and brown jumper..:)