Monday, February 2, 2009


I was reading the latest Vogue(India). While going through the glossy I came across these lovely interviews of Jennifer Aniston and Meg Ryan. Their situation in marriages were so different yet both of them seemed so alike as people. One was cheated on by her husband (Jen) and the other cheated on hers (Meg). Both the ladies are Americas (me thinks, the world's) idea of the girl next door. Cute as a button! I truly think they have inspired the generations around them with their trade mark haircuts. Meg made the shag a super must have and Jen introduced her trade mark haircut in Friends. I have had the pleasure of having both the haircuts. The shag inspired by Meg in When Harry met Sally was my do in 1st year college and the Jen inspired look was my introduction to the Corporate world.

Apart from the haircuts, both the ladies have touched our lives with hope of good girls do have fun as well. I still remember taking my hosteler friends for When harry met Sally on my 18th birthday.It was a movie about finding THE ONE. But I think more than the romance of the movie was the down to earth character of Meg that we all fell in love with. Friends, well lets just say that the show was legendary and there aren't many amongst us who didn't watch show and fell in love with all the 6 characters.

Vogue gently reminded me how these women actually have real lives. They have felt real emotions and gone through huge traumas in their personal lives. I love the way Jen has handled her life. She has been stung by the usual "handsome husband cheating on wife for the pretty young thing and lived happily ever after" and Meg I guess made the blunder of fallin in love with the wrong guy.

I totally enjoyed reading the interview, bless you Vogue. I also realised why both these women were America's sweetheart. They are just so lovable that you hate their husbands for leaving them, even Meg, who cheated on hers (Albeit she had good reasons to). The worlds sympathised with these women. Every one was on team Jennifer side. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie couldn't do a thing about it, in spite of having the worlds most beautiful chromosomes between the both!

I think I truly want to age like Jen. She looks gorgeous while turning 40 this month. Her heartbreak of a cheating husband seemed to have left her a bit sad but not cynical. I love that. I dislike cynics with a passion. They just don't inspire me. Jen is making great movies, dating younger men, looking AWESOME. Way to go girl!!

Honestly, Meg could have avoided the Botox. She didn't need it. Although she seems to have given into the pressure that all women feel starting 30, with or without celebrity, she still has passion for life. After her divorce she channelled her energies to her adopted daughter and all the charity work she does around the globe. I think that's the best way forward. Who needs a man who is so wrong for you.

Some where in Meg's interview she said and I paraphrase, " In my 10 years of marriage I tired to do right by every one but at any given time some one was unhappy". It made me think how true this holds in our lives. We will always try to please and appease every one around us but it seems that some one or the other is always unfulfilled. Relationships are based on expectations and we can never fulfill those expectations at all given times. The social norms that bind us as a society, are the very thing that pulls us apart in the end??
A Seed for Thought?!


This is that said... are too cool. I remember the trip to chanakyas to watch when harry met sally. I also remember you being engrossed in your vogues and Elles and cosmos..even I pick up vogues sometimes thanks to you.

small miracle said...

I hate to admit this, not only do i read the glossies but i also get INPIRED by them magazines! : ) hahahah

Anonymous said...

I think it's safe to say Vogue India NEVER had an interview with Meg Ryan. In a REAL interview with InStyle US last year she finally revealed what has been known for ages: her ex husband Dennis Quaid cheated on her for years. No wonder she turned to someone else.

small miracle said...

Sweety, I read the interview in Vogue India. Feel free to pick it up from the stands. I am inspired by the SPIRIT of both the women. Its not about WHY Meg cheated, its about her spirit after her divorce. If it makes you feel any better, I stand corrected...Happy??! Now can we rejoice the spirit of these women?!!

Last but not the least, thanks for readin my blog.

I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

Its definetely inspiring to read about the comeback of the once scorned...
Jennifer Aniston is def someone who has gotten through a disgusting bout of unbelievable exposure and this media glare can ruin careers and lives. As much as its become a thing of people feeling sorry for her it is in a way affecting her career as she is now someone people feel bad for and find desperate. I felt that way as well, sorry for her but i guess she is quite the winner and hope she gets all the success she wishes for

Everyone is suddenly thinking of her as this man-eating single lady..but this vogue interview and her general personality pulls you in and i think secretly everyone has a soft spot for her

Meg ryan - lady needs to cut down the botox

agent green glass said...

ha ha. wear it like a tattoo's last sentence had me laughing.
but yeah, read the same vogue. have a thing for magazines. and ya, i know what you guys mean. there is no way you can not root for aniston. i mean, imagine being married to this great looking guy, being so wholesome and then this big lipped bitch steals him. damn it's like a cruel veronica scoring over innocent betty. they are riverdale high. shit! i just figured that. an adult riverdale.
love your blog small miracle : )

small miracle said...

Thanks agent green glass! Much appreciate ur comment : ) Keep readin

Anonymous said...

NEWSFLASH though rather late: Meg Ryan was in fact CHEATED ON by her ex husband.For many many years!! Dennis Quaid is a known serial cheater and had been exposed as such. Vogue India never ever had an interview with her. They just stole from other interviews and threw gossip in the mix. I can't believe they got away with it. And it's sad to see people simply quoting from this even though it's a lie.