Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shoe of Salvation

Today while waiting for the boys to get me tea in the afternoon, I noticed the hum drum of Global Business Park. People running here there, looking important, feeling important, being important. Every one seemed to know where they were going but had NO CLUE they shoes they were going in. I mean, I could have wept after seeing an important lady in perfectly nice pant suit, ruined with white chappals underneath. What is up with these seemingly important people?!! This is SO wrong.

There are a gazillion choices out there. Use them! You can buy shoes of every size, colour, shape and price. Its so easy. There are hundreds of options. Janpath and Sarojini for Juttis, Kohlapuri, Colourful Chappals. Malls for branded shoes. Roadside for Bangkok and Shanghai shoes. Come on people...use your options!!

For me a shoes makes or breaks the outfit. Wear a white or black outfit and bring in colour with bright yellow, green or red shoes. Winters is all about the boots. There a million boots out there lady and you go wearing white chappals!! The Vixen is very annoyed...No actually, the Vixen is distraught.

The first few things I notice on a goodlookin man is his chest, butt and shoes!! A man with good taste in shoes is definitely a turn on. He knows that the is dotting all the "i" of his outfit and leaving no "t" uncrossed. My man wears nice shoes (actually I secretly thinks he needs shoe rehab!) and thus kept me interested in his appearance all these years. Its all about the well turned out men in well designed shoes. I have never been known to date men who wore chappals.

My favourite shoe shopping destination is Janpath in Delhi and Oxford street in London. Both these places leave you lusting for more. I have been a Janpath fan since the early 90's. No Indian summer has been complete without a few pairs from this great shopping destination. Well, Oxford street makes me weep with JOY. I hope the citizens of London KNOW how lucky they are to love in the shoe heaven of the world.

In my recent trip to Oxford out of many shoes that I bought I would like to mention the lovely purple stilettos. They are so gorgeous that I when I wear them I will need an escort who will whip off his jacket at any sign of dirt. These shoes are actually NOT meant for walkin...only lusting.

The other kinds shoe I totally love love love are Converse. You can wear them summer, winter, autumn...anytime. Jeans or trousers. Casual or formal. They are just perfect. One has to have a good pair of Converse and the shoe closet fairy will be appeased.

Oprah Winfrey once said "I still have my feet on the ground. I just wear better shoes! " My sentiments exactly! Seed for thought?!


I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

hahaha...the return of the vixen!!
next time we shuld carry a whistle...and if someone offends us with their shoe choices..we alert the fashion gods to strike lightning!

I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

oh and last but not the least...ur pic is SO you...
edward monkton rocks!

Hemant Bhardwaj said...

Randomly got onto ur blog..
Good work!

Small Miracle said...

Thanks Hemant. Much appreciate ur comment. Keep dropin in : )