Friday, February 13, 2009

Love Shove

This Valentines day
give Love the Shove
wots with this love
when all you get is shoved.

When you fall in love
The cupid gives you a gentle shove
and then its all about love
you forget about the shove

You shove every one for your love
its only about your love
while in love
other friends love you shove

Then one day your lover gives you the shove
says wots with this Love-Shove?
I plead, but I am so in love
don't give me the shove

I pray to my good god
don't let my love get shoved
god says, my child don't fall for this love
for its all about the shove

Soon you will learn
when your love gets shoved
for I am the only one who knows eternal love
In my care you will not get shoved

I say no my dear lord
I want love from him
Your love my god I shove
He is the only one I love

Its all about this insane love
then one day I got shoved
well, NOW I know I shoulda
given Love the big fat Shove!

This Valentines day give Love the Shove : )

( inspired by Agent Green Glass and Brain Fluid)


I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

i cant give love the shove..because im a gentle dove
ok that sounded stupid

this is so wacky..i love it!!
this vey-lentines day giv louuu the shouuuu

Small Miracle said...

Oh gentle dove, I hope this Valentines Day your love for the other dove don't get the shove! : ) evil laffff

SePuLcHeR said...

ha ha.......cute :P

damn.....i dun even have the liberty to give LOVE the 'SHOVE' :((((