Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yesterday was by far one of the most perfect days of 2009. I am thinking why did not the year start like this? Well, its better late than never, my redemption for a shitty 1st Jan 2009! We were co sponsoring a Golf Tournaments and it turned out to be a perfect day to do so. I usually shy away from sponsoring or organising Golf Tournaments as my experience has been of meeting very hoity toity golfers. My brand is all about fun and Golf restricts that with its mare attitude. Well, yesterday I very graciously accepted my mistake!

A few months back I changed my usual answer for golf and decided to Co sponsor this event. All the while thinking I am gonna add some fun to this game. Lets see how the hoity toity react to the fun. Well, I have to admit Golf turned it around for me and I landed up having as much fun as the pros did.

We put miniature replicas of our planes on the golf buggies. The buggies looked just too cool and had that element of fun and surprise. We were going up and down the Golf course in our mad mad buggies when we suddenly halted as a game was in progress. So, the curious us were quietly watching these men play their shots when suddenly THE Kapil Dev turned around and asked us girls to step out and play with them. I mean hello, here is Kapil Dev, arguably one of the Best athletes of this country inviting us to play. From a giggly bunch were suddenly turned into a bunch of nervous wrecks!

Next thing you know I am holding THE Kapil Dev's Golf club and playing a shot. Lo behold what do I do??? I instinctively stood in the hockey stance ready to hit the ball. Mr Dev...errr I mean Kapil..OK know who I mean, immediately reminded me that I was attempting to play golf and NOT hockey. Well I guess some instincts never die, do they? Once a hockey player always a hockey player! Anyways, It was a perfect first shot as far as I was concerned. Mr. Dev turned around and told me I had power in my swing and should start practicing the game! WHAT THE HELL??!! I am prespiring like hell on a cold Saturday morning while he tells me that more women need to take to this sport. Errr... Hello Sir, thanks to this I am SO gonna attend the golf clinic I had signed up for but had no intention of attending!

10 minutes later the girls and I found our selves at the Golf clinic while the tournament was going on. For the next 1 hour we found our selves giggling and learning the delicate nuances of the game called Golf. It helped that the instructor was this cool young upcoming golfer. One look at him and I KNEW he was a fauji kid. There is something about us fauji brats, we can smell the other one out! The moment one finds out that the other is an army brat there is this unspoken connection that takes place. With all the cities we have moved in our lives, our instincts of finding others like us is very strong! Thanks Mandeo. Its indeed amazing to meet young inspiring fauji kids!

The day just getting better with the tournament goin well. Some one actually won a hole in one and took home a Volkswagen. I am told that's a super freak case! The afternoon was beautiful with good food, great company and the live band that belted out some good ol oldies!

I am so glad that Golf turned on me and mocked me for assuming it was boring and stodgy. That should teach me stop judging without knowing! Why do we humans do that all the time? Haven't learnt enough with life experiences not to judge and have pre conceived notions?! When will we learn to make changes in our attitudes? Even the best of us with really OPEN minds seems to have shut our minds to wonders of LEARNING. I was taught by this youngster to make perfect circles in the air while swinging the golf club. After learning to do that with much difficulty, I open my mind and had some really good swings along with some miserable ones that made all of us laugh! What a perfect perfect day when small miracle opened her eyes to golf.

A golf match is a test of your skill against your opponent's luck. Yesterday luck was on my side and hopefully I will pick up the skills along the way. Seed for thought?!


SePuLcHeR said...

wow! seems like a perfect day for ya lady :)

n yup....WE try to make judgments on our pre-convinced notions, the sooner we stop the broader we stretch our horizon.

hope u have happy golf days ahead :))

small miracle said...

I am lookin forward to it myself!!: )

I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

really quite a wonderful day..easily the best this year

the mocha trip included with all the deep life conversations!!


Mandeo said...

as i read through wat has been written by the soft, subtle fingers whom i got hurtin (apologies), am out of words, thought and imaginataion as well, who says u cant put ur best experiences into words .. well i used to beleive in that till about 5 minutes back, till i went through the whole page.
Am the army brat being talked about here ..
Lets put it the other way .. beautiful people make a beautiful world and this day "putt" just got better than the others ...since v had beautiful souls there..

small miracle said...

Thanks Mandeo. it was indeed a great day. Though it would have helped if you had warned about the sore arms the next day! : )

Army brats RULE, don't we!!

chetan bhagat said...

hi, don't know about where your golf will go, but you do write well. you've always inspired me - and few people know where the name Neha came from in FPS.

Small Miracle said...

Chetan this year it will be 20 yrs since i KNOW ya. I am glad we got to be friends in TAPS. No matter where or wot i know we will b there for each other. I am very PROUD of you!! Thanks for ur kind words : )