Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Its just one of those days, you want to run bare foot in the grass. Just. No reason. It feels good and one can want to feel good right?! Well I used to do that very often at Akbar road when dad was in service. Of course my pedicurist was not a happy camper at all. He just couldn’t understand why would one want to do that and ruin their feet.

How do I explain it to the dear man? It’s just the feeling of that grass on the soles of my feet. It’s an in-between feeling. It’s neither soft nor prickly. Just the right ticklish feeling. I love it. But, for him I am making his life very very difficult. He just wants me to have the perfect clean feet. That's it. Pleasures be damned!

What is with grass and me? I also love the fragrance of cut grass. The fragrance is just intoxicating. I love sitting on the pile of cut grass…look up in the sky and let my mind wander. There are times when I can swear that the clouds are making funny faces at me. Its like they are not too happy that they are so far away from the pile of cut grass. They wanna sink into the intoxicating fragrance as much as I do. Just sinkkkkk into it.

Other times Sweety my mutt and I run round and round in the lawn…its like we both are competing who will run faster and topple the other over. She almost always wins by ensuring that she topples me with her fancy manoeuvres. Then we just flop down on the lawn. I have spent many a days playing this mad game with her. There is nothing that beats the feeling of grass on my feet. I have a feeling sweety loves it as much as I do.

Today I feel like taking off my high heels and run with gay abandon on the grass. Today I really want to feel good. Today I do want to intoxicate myself with the heady fragrance.

Why do we feel guilty when we do something that makes us feel so right? Why can’t we just think of the amazing feeling of the grass and not worry about the green stains?

Simple pleasures are always the last refuge of the complex Oscar Wilde. Seed for thought?!!


SePuLcHeR said...

ever thought how only the RIGHT THINGS make us feel guilty of ourselves! .... errrr..... right as in RIGHT for a majority of the world we live in!

whats right for us can never leave us with guilt :)

u just threw me back in time .... grass n me .... an unbreakable bond (me being a sportsman all my life).

well written miracle lady :)
tk off ur heels n run..its ecstatic!

Small Miracle said...

Hmmm..i like the way u always question the obvious. why not?!! I like that. i have been so "right" driven for such a big part of my life...

gaurav jain said...

usually when i close my eyes i find myself running on a long plain black road under the moon.Running so as to catch the moon,to get a ride on one of it's jhula..

Small Miracle said...

thanks gaurav...i think a person's imagination is the best gift from the higher forces from above.

gaurav jain said...

very true,because that's something which we can't develop in this world of virtual people . It is something we cherish,which keeps us alive !

Small Miracle said...

agreed. the 5 senses of smell, see, touch, hear and taste define us. We will perish without them i feel.

gaurav jain said...

it's the imagination which can give us an opportunity to see world which we just think off.. !

I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

I WANT TO do this
i also wanna go round and round till i go dizzy...better than any drug out ther ill tell ya that

love the sweet realism of ur writing lately..very 'revisitation'esque..

vintage, if u will.
louuwes it**