Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I am rewinding the clock to my college days. I was a hostler in Miranda House. It was my dream to go there as my mother too was a Mirandian hostler. I had grown up with amazing stories and of course the strong friendships formed was another allure. I wanted those friendships as well. Little did I know that those very friendships came with commitment and we unknowingly lived in the era of SPACE.

Those were definitely the best years of my life but they were also the years that I learnt about this phenomenon called "Space"! After all of us had spent considerable time getting to know each other..spending hours...days... weeks chatting. Just when ragging was getting over, we were all exhausted of each others company. Suddenly we could barely stand the sight of each other and all we wanted was SPACE!

I think the only ones we didn't feel the need of space are the ones who are true friends today. Looking back I realise that the relationships which were a burden then didn't survive the test of time. It was crazy how we all had instant attraction to some people. You wanted to know them, befriend them, hope they liked you as much as you liked them...amazing craziness of wanting to know everything about them to being in a mentally exhausted place of wanting Space!

This wanting space factor has NEVER left my life ever since. I need space from my peers at work. I can't even bear the thought of socialising with them once the office is over. As far as I am concerned the concept of spending my precious time with them is just as daunting as me spending all my waking moments with MIL (mother in law). I obviously needs space from the in laws and at times I find my self wanting space my parents as well. SPACE SPACE SPACE. Then I go writing about loneliness...blah!

Some people we need space from and some want space from us. The person who seems to want maximum space from me is my better half. At times I think he just sits in office to avoid coming home! He needs space on Facebook, Orkut,High 5 and all the other cyber places he seems to skulk around. I don't know his friends any more and lord only knows what he does with his Space! I don't understand, my man wouldn't let me breathe on my own till we got married and then right after the honeymoon I woke up to SPACEEEEEEEEE!!

This phenomenon of Space is very bizarre but it seems to hit the best of us. We all get bitten by the SPACE bug and lose all prospective to things that seemed so dear to us at one point. Are we all commitment phobic?! Just when we know that we have to commit to a friendship or a relationship we get panic attacks?! Or are we all just mere thrill seekers...when the thrill is gone magically the desire for Space arises!

A Seed for thought or do you need space now?!


SePuLcHeR said...

just love what u write!

true...we all look for that space....."we all" = those whu r never sure of what they want! the broader doesnt mean not seeing each other or talking to each other or not being in each others company......... its a detachment ..... detachment that never is....yet alwayz is!!

small miracle said...

Thanks Sepulcher. Some times we want space and some times is forced on us...such is life!: )