Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Today we made this impromptu trip to SNM( Sarojini Nagar Market). Just one of those mad days at work where we decided to bunk work for Momo's at Chanakya Puri Market and a quickie shopping trip thrown in at SNM. I am so glad that some of us are still so spontaneous. Although the thought of losing ones job right in the mid of recession is daunting to say the least but then would we have really LIVED!??

I truly do surround my self with madness and trust me walking down SNM in my 4 inch Aldo shoes is nothing short of that. This only comes with madness of breaking free from the restrictions of work and expectations of people. Its so much fun to make a clandestine trip to SNM haggling over T-shirts, shoes and other goodies. Begging the vendor to reduce the price to a bare nothing while wearing an outfit that can buy half the store! Yep, I left this awesome shirt behind just coz the vendor was not willing to sell it at a crazy cheap price. I shall regret this till my next fabulous buy.

I also like the peeps in my team. They are as mad and wonderfully bizarre as I am. Rather I think I get inspired by their madness. One chose a bright blue patent PRADA shoe. Boy, was there a pandemonium at the shoe stall. V wanted the shoes and had NO MONEY!! So, he very politely recommended hiding the shoes till he got the money and his half eaten ice cream was a bribe to the shopkeeper for doing so. While the other one went running to buy these uber cool worn in shorts. I have to admit the shopping madness had bitten all of us.

All this while we were panicking a bit as we had only driven about 40 km( one way) and still needed to get back to work, looking fresh as a daisy on a nice spring mornin. I am so glad we just ran away from work and had this day in our life. Years later we might just meet up over coffee and remember the madness of "that" day at SNM!!
Momos as Chanakya is like eating a piece of heaven. I only dine at Chimney's for past 18 yrs. Apart from them making great Momos there is a also a lovely story behind it. I still remember this incident very fondly of us gals from Miranda House being there for a Momo and fruit beer binge session. Every rupee was precious as ends were hard to meet in Hostel. I couldn't finish my last Momo and asked Mamaji, the manager of Chimney to pack it for me. In the evening after dinner I greedily opened the packed expecting to eat my ONE Momo but I was amazed to find 4 pieces there instead. Mamaji had quietly slipped in the extras. Needless to say he felt sad for this pathetic kid asking to pack ONE momo. I guess that just sealed our relationship for life. How can I ever eat any where else now?!

Today with Gods grace one can go to a Sarojini and Chanakya to shop and eat to ones desire. In spite of that the thrill of haggling for that every rupee is immense. I might not be wearing worn down sandals and second hand jeans bough from Laal Quila( the sandals and jeans are in my memory box in the basement), I still enjoy the madness of SNM. These Aldo shoes are going to keep on walking down the crowded lanes.
Do I enjoy SNM and Chanakya as they were a big part of my teen years?! Is the thought of simply breaking away from our past so daunting that it keeps us grounded and rooted to old habits?! Or is that I am just the same ol mad shopaholic who just needs an excuse to break away every now and then. Seed for thought?!


I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

this just brought a really big smile to my face!!! :):)
we turn drab into fab!!
what say???

This is that said...

I was thinking ..why SNM ? now why would Neha want to talk about SNM ! of all things ! And then I got lost in Sarojini Nagar Market, and remembered the first T shirt I ever bought from there. Which I am wearing in our Mandawa snaps. Nice !