Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monumental Defeats

Isn't it amazing how success can be rated as very successful...moderately successful...A grade celeb....B grade celeb, but failure is always monumental. No one is moderately hasbeen or semi failed business man etc. Failure or defeat is just that, defeat.

Like all, i too have lived life between success and failure. The joy of success can be as short lived as a day, an hour, a minute but defeats one remembers through lifetime.

My 10th grade below average marks will always overshadow the MBA merit list i topped, the interview I did not make through, the friendship I failed, the relationship I let down...

But, my most amazing discovery has been through those very monumental defeats...and relative no learning or life discovery through the success...it was only an ego massage...that's all.

Some of the monumental defeats that I will always cherish ( yes cherish as they are responsible for the subsequent success), are

  1. Barely passing grade 10th. For the first time i realised it a dog eat dog world and i don't want to be eaten just yet

  2. My failed high school relationship. It made me wiser to what I DON'T want in a relationship. I lost a boyfriend but made a friend for life.

  3. Not being there for Tiks when her dad passed away. Today I might miss a celebration but I will never not be there during a personal loss

Today I can look at life and say yes my defeats have made me who I am and the medals have reinforced that life is learnt through those monumental mistakes. Seed for thought???


This is that said...

hmmm. I have many monumental defeats. But it's ok. We are living it all. The experiences are what matters. Those are priceless.

I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

my list of monumental defeats is endless...but i guess the experiences are what count and i know its just such a therapeutic process to lose and then start again...also the definitions of success differ among each one of us and i keep telling myself that

i love this peice...keep at it :)