Friday, November 28, 2008

I wept!

After 48 of terror in Mumbai...finally i broke down and wept

I wept for all those who died in such a brutal act of terror
I wept for the police men who died in this senseless killing
I wept for the brave heart civilians who died trying to save the guests of their hotels
I wept for the people who were waiting at the station wanting to go home and will never go back
I wept for people who went for a meal to a hotel and it turned out to b their last meal
I wept for the NSG commandos who died in the encounter, saving the hostages
I wept for those families who will never be able to hug their loved ones ever again
I wept for those who will live with this horror for rest of their lives
I wept for the children who will never know a life without terrorism
I wept for those who will now live in hate

Most importantly, I wept for my Country, for it will never be the same!!


chirag said...

'saare jahan se achha, hindusitan hamaara'

'hum bulbulen hai iski, terrorists ko hamne maare'

Judith said...

I weep with you too....a shocking and tragic time for Mumbai and India. The human toll is in stark contrast to whatever twisted ideology motivates such actions...India has such spirit and fortitude that it will recover. Hate cannot be allowed to prosper....

small miracle said...

i hope this incident has awaken us from our slumber of many years...i hope we become responsible citizens of India.

This is that said...

Yes Neha..I love what Chirag says too, but on a more serious note. You write from your heart, straight, and thats why I can so see what you were feeling. I think alot of us join you in this mourning. Being an Army kid you must be real proud of our soldiers.

I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

hate and terror will not prevail!!!

i cant stop thinking about all the lives that have changed forever after this incident...the army men, the children, the men, the women...

this incident has affected us but i also think its an awakening...tears will lead to action and no longer will India tolerate such evil...we will stand up as one and we wont let religion divide us...