Friday, November 21, 2008

Perfect 10

You nag me first thing in the morning for sleeping late and then tell me tea is ready...You know I love sleeping late and don't drink tea first thing in the morning. You tell me the house is not clean and nag me all weekend long. All you can obsess about is the dust bunnies and my magazines trail all over the house. My room is a mess while you study is all neat and clean. I listen to the Cd's and leave them out of their cover while you are fanatic about the CD's being filed in a proper order IN THEIR COVER. I like the geyser on for at least half an hour but you think the water gets hot in exactly 15 minutes. You get into bed at 10 pm while I potter around and get into bed by 11 pm. You like reading dark books and I love my Chicklits. You though "Kite Runner" was awesome, while it put me in depression for a few days. You like to be out and about in our holidays while I dream of slumming it on my off time... you think I talk too much while I think you talk too less. You go to the gym to get checked out while I go to the gym to check out!

In spite of all this you are my Perfect 10!

You wake me in the morning with a warm hug and my tea is in the thermos. I crib and crib while I clean the house so you always surprise me when I get back from a business trip with a neat clean house. Not only do you clean our house you also set my cupboard straight. To make it interesting for me you suggest I use my makeup brushes as dusters ( I love mixing fashion with dusting!!). Every month for past 10 years you buy me the Cosmopolitan, in spite of the magazine trail I leave all over the house.You put the CD's in order and always help me organise. You put off the geyser in 15 minutes but always let me know its been half hr. Although you nod off to sleep by 10 you always turn and hug me when I get into bed by 11. To make up for "kite runner " kinda books you make me read, I get a Chicklit in gift. I get good shopping time as compensation for the "touristy" stuff I do on our holidays. When I am away from home you call me 50 times coz the house is too quiet and you miss my jabber. While you are getting checked out in the gym I realise you are checking me out!! ; )

What can I say, YOU are my PERFECT 10!! Seed for thought?


eddies said...

i liked the way you expressed two entirely different things in seemingly similar lines, apart from the fact its true to say'oppsites attract', in your case extended to your blog as well~

small miracle said...

Thanks!!Much appreciate ur comment. Life is but lived in dualities, ying and yang.

Vincent said...

ufff... too much mush for a sunday morning! but nice note none-the-less!