Monday, November 24, 2008


Have you noticed how in life we want something we can't get..the more it is out of our reach the more we yearn for it. Is it that we truly need it or is that our ego or id doesn't allow us to accept the fact that sometimes things in life are just Unattainable.

The love that we can't attain leaves us hungry for more. With no care about the hearts that might have been broken by us. Is it our ego that pushes us to no accept the fact that we got rejected.

We all walk away from various friendships in our lives...and will continue to do so through on our journey on earth. But why is that relationship when some one else who walked away hurts the most. Is it really our heart that is broken is that the pain of hurt ego.

The promotion we don't get, the dress we can't afford, the car we can't drive, the house we can't buy, the shoes that are too expensive, the painting that can't be hung in our living room. The Friends, colleagues or relatives who hurt us are remembered more than the people who have stood by. The relationships that don't work out defines us rather than the ones we have nursed since childhood.

We spend most of our life either looking behind or ahead. We forget to look beside us and see all the people and things that have withstood time...they have been standing next to us, side by side all this time.

Are we selfish so as to lust after the unattainable...seed for thought??


I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

This is by far the best entry on 'seed for thought'...this is def a seed for thought

What uve written is so true..its human nature sadly now to pine for what we cant have and ignore what we already have. This post was really hearfel...i completely relate to it...fortunately or unfortunately i too run behind the unattainable..though iam learning my lessons well :)

This is that said...

I am figuring this one out..

small miracle said...
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