Thursday, November 20, 2008


I love this time of the year when there is a slight nip in the air. Its unbelievable how one can smell the change in the air...its musty yet sunny, its nippy yet warm, smokey yet freshness of winter is around the corner.

Today morning i woke up with a storm brewing. My bamboo chimes were loudly announcing the gale outside...i checked for the time and realised it was 4 am. With my head resting on my pillow i listened to the wind and the sound of the chime. Instinctively i snuggled into my better half, winters always brought us closer. Yes, winter was announcing its arrival.

Its going to get cold and we will all be tucked in corners either smoking, having a warm brandy or drinking cups of hot chai...either way we all will be huddled to get warm. I always felt winters bought people together. In Miranda House the gang would jump into one quilt and over cups of hot hot tea talk about our lives, our dreams, ambitions and fantasise about how FAB our lives will turn out. Then I moved to Pune. Winters always stood for drinking Old Monk Rum right out of the bottle and then attempt to drive my kinetic scooter home ...why bother with tea, we were too grown up for that!! Then the gang would gather at Prems and huddle together over a gazillion cigarettes and more Old Monk.

I am not very fond of the cold but i do like the way it brings people together. This winter I am bidding farewell to last of my girlfriends at work, its sad to see GOG ( gang of girls) end, I am optimistic that there will be new friendships formed. I have a feeling this winter will bring some new people together. I wonder who it will be...hmmm, a seed for thought?!

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wow...! I miss winters !