Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Enchanted terrace

One of my favourite books while growing up was Enid Blytons "Enchanted Wood". I loved the series...Elves who needed help and the kids who did the good deeds and get to see the enchanted tree..and the adventures began. My mind was full of beautiful images of the was very enchanting indeed.

3 years back I created my own enchanted woods. I was going through one of the toughest phases of my life and everything around me was falling apart. I got up and faced the world smiling and laughing and came home and broke into thousand pieces every evening. One day it became all too clear, I had to stop the dark side from taking over!

So next morning I woke up and decided to build me MY Enchanted Woods. This one place I will escape to and the elves are gonna put every thing back in order. The child in me recognised that the 30 yr old adult is pretty outta control and took over. Boy, was I possessed with the child pushing me to make a garden on my terrace. Yes, this will be my enchanted wood!!!

Neeri was in town along with Vincent and with their gentle support I started going from Garden Nurseries to Terracotta bazaars. We bought a dozen beautiful terracotta birds from Dilli Haat, lamps from Saket roads, a few flower pots from Sondha. I started sowing flower seeds in pots. A bird feed and water bath for the sparrows, pigeons and the squirrels. In the hustle bustle my better half had joined in.

Before I even realised my enchanted woods had grown and taken a life of its own. The child had kept me so busy with building the woods that i had stopped thinking about anything else. The adult was distracted from the pain and child was having so much fun.

My woods are lovely, with different flowers, plants, creepers. Nearly all of them have been grown from a seed i had planted 3 years back. The birds come in the morning chirping loudly announcing their arrival, butterflies flutter from plant to plant, pea hens with her chicks have been spotted, we have our migratory robin that comes every year and not to forget my fish pond( thanks to Chirag!). Just a few weeks back my guppies gave birth to 4 fries. I sit in my enchanted woods every sat morning and thank it for giving back my life to me.

I think the child in me forgave the adult I was going to become and stopped the devastation before it took root. Giving back my life ( a Happier and more Full filled One that too!) and reminding me that the child in me hadn't abandoned me. I just have to look for her when I am lost...hows that for a seed for thought???


chirag said...

enchanted and pampered and expensive. an aquarium heater for the fish, a menu planned for the entire month, live worms on a monday and dried worms on a tuesday. how about egg yolk on a sunday! shopkeepers have been challenged against all the negotiation skills they may have ever learntand gardners have been fired if god plans to pee in June.

Theres a new bird sanctuary for all you photographers out there, and enough greens for all the dehydrated children in Africa.

Ok! jokes part, i have a feeling i might just loose my job over this stupid comment, so lets just cut the crap.

Ive seen u while this terrace garden was growing and its simply wonderful how an area of 50 sq. yards could be made into an oasis of such an immense proportion..not physical, but emotional.

Its enchanting to hear all the stories of birds and peacocks and monkeys....not because they're animals and i'm an animal lover but because the exhuberance and vividness of emotion and feeling comes across really strong.

I never get to see this enchanted terrace, but it seems its an oasis that I too visit...very know what I mean

small miracle said...

Thanks cheeru. U, Diwakar and the GOG have been a ROCK for me. U are an amazing kid!!

small miracle said...
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I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

i think its awesome to have such an engaging passion....u have to show me ur enchanted terrace...
i love seeing people's escape spots...we all need to have a place where we can jus sit and unwind and feel a connection with the surroundings..

Iam sure ur enchanted terrace is truly magical...and truly captivating :)