Tuesday, November 6, 2007

small window, big hope

Its been over a year since my uncle Col Ravi Prinja passed away. He was a man full of life and brought absolute joy to every ones life. How can i ever forget him flying down a bicycle for me on my 10th birthday...boy was that an amazing surprise considering he was posted in Sikkim.

Then one day he gets up in the morning a week after his 51st birthday and sees off a convoy and passes away with the heart attack. That was the first time i faced death of a loved one at such close quarters..and trust me it was not pretty. So much of devastation and the feeling of immense loss.

Its been a year and still its so tough to deal with...does death ever become easy topic to deal with? Its supposed to get alright...but why hasn't it??

I think now...and finally after much soul searching and help book readings...it struck me. Why mourn the death when one can celebrate the life.

Mamu you haven't lost this life...you have gained one and added it to many life times that your soul has journeyed. I just feel very privileged to have been part of it in this life time. Ours souls will meet again and again and I know I Will LOVE you in each life time. Do we have Karmic connections with some souls that lasts through many lifetimes? A seed for thought??

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