Friday, March 20, 2009

Striped Tigress

Today is one of those day when I woke up knowing that it gonna be fine. I am gonna make this my day. Some times you just have to do that. Some times you have to wake out of the long slumber you have been in. When you really wake up to life one realises so many things…

It’s all right to feel things. It’s all right to have failed. It’s all right to be wrong. It’s all right to be me. Its alright to show emotion. Its alright to feel despair. If people don’t want to be with me then it’s all right as well. I can't and wont put my self through this anymore. I will be Me…I have always been me yet in the past few years I was embarrassed to be me. I could do no right it seems. Me was all wrong. It was me that attracted you all to me. I have an Ego. Yep, that’s right, I have it. So, it was always there…it was always a part of me. I am me. That’s it. No more apology. No more "I am Sorry" for being me.

I come with my faults…and that’s what makes me. My strengths and weakness both are a part of me. I am proud of my strengths and I am going to STOP apologising for my weakness. I am me with black and white. The white I will keep happily and the black I will not be scared of anymore.

I am a Striped Tigress with both…and that is OK with me. Its not easy being a striped tigress amongst zebras but that’s how God and I both intended it to be.

I love my stripes. I wear them with pride. I wake up to realise that how I have always been. I CAN’T BE A ZEBRA…that just won’t be me.

I have always been me…so lets just let me BE.

A seed for thought for the awakened me...


A Beautiful Dream said...

Absolutely right, you should be you and don't need to hide black stripes. My funda is "I'm whatever I am, accept me or leave me"; it's as simple as that :)

Small Miracle said...

: )

Thanks beautiful dream!!

I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

I always try and say this to myself 'I'm what I'm and it is what it is'...Im still learning to adopt it. I think ur such a great example of someone to learn this from, to learn resilience u face whatever hardships come ur way with such an optimistic if its here to teach u a thing or two. I keep asking u to let me know how u do it, HOW DO U ENSURE U REMAIN A TIGRESS THROUGH everything?! :):)

C u on Monday! keep smiling

Thanks a million for what u and cheeru did was by far one of the sweetest things anyone has done..

Wish i was there to celebrate the emancipation!

Small Miracle said...

Tattoo boy, you are really missed at work...hence cheeru n i couldn't help but visit! : )

you are wonderful as who you are. Thats the point. You've gotta love your self. We've gotta let the love overflow and share it with one and all. I know you are a very strong boy who will grow into an amazin man : )You journey has begun and now there is NO LOOKIN BACK : )

I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

Thank u so much Miracle Lady :)
That made my day :)

SePuLcHeR said...

This time i disagree to disagree :))

But that can never come without an exception from me :p

Just when u realize that u have "awakened" ... a final "awakening" is just around the corner :) .... n these corners never end.

but anywayz - you are u and there are so many who love u that way ..... black n white is just a matter of perception. Cheeeeers

Small Miracle said...

Yep, these corners never end. Rather as you age they become a maze...and we get lost in that maze tryin to find our selves. The MATRIX changes every time you have an awakenin...and the new quest begins.