Thursday, March 5, 2009


Last evening V and I were at Galleria. Just hanging. Slightly bored and a wee bit tired. I like hanging out with V. He is such a fun person to be with. He has this directness and innocence about him that I really admire. We almost always have conversation that gets me to think. Even at work he at times lands up saying things that mean much more than he intended them to be.

We decided to have Momos. They are such a pick me up and I can have them anytime of the day or night. So while waiting for the momos to be steamed, V and I look down from the first floor and see people cross across around the fountain. Suddenly V says, “ No one is wearing cardigans anymore”. Hmmmm…that’s so true I said. No one was wearing cardigans anymore. Isn’t it strange that when the weather changes, one doesn’t even realise it. We go from one whole season to another totally different one within matter of days.

One fine day you wake up and don’t wear a cardigan to work. Just within going to sleep and waking up, something has shifted and it’s Spring! One fine day there are flowers blooming all over my garden. The garden goes from green to all colours of rainbow. One morning you wake up and go to your terrace garden and your fish have given birth to 40 fries. The same pond that was perfect for 4 fish is now suddenly too small for 44!!

Isn’t it amazing how one act can change things after that very moment? One doesn’t even know it and seasons change. Yes one can feel the change in the air. One can sense the change but one can’t SEE it. Just like that V and I noticed that spring was in the air and summer will be here soon. Season change, people change, emotions change, looks change, attitude change....all can happen within matter of minutes.

Just like that. 17 years of strong foundation of friendship gets shaken because you were not told that your friend is pregnant. Just like that something fundamental in that friendship shifts…it will never be the same again. Some acts in life happen that change things. So many people cross through your life and you don’t even feel them pass through. Then one day one random person comes into your life. Change gets ushered in. Something shifts. You make place for that person. Years later you are the fondest of friends.

I am amazed with the suddenness and randomness of life. Do you get so preoccupied with life that you don’t notice the change? When the shift has happened we wake up with a start and realise the shift. The moon has gone from a thin line in the horizon to nothingness and we don't even notice. Were we caught napping by life?

Seed for thought?!!


I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

And we had one of those conversations again yesterday! :)

These conversations teach me so gets me too gets me to realize that life shouldnt be taken so seriously and that there's always a way out...thank u for all the advice...ill cut the mushy thank yous here cuz i know its a cup of tea u drink only occasionally :p

Love what u said abt weather...its so true..randomly one day we get up and its 'aaj AC chalega'...and the days of hot water and ice cold mornings seem so distant :)

Life kept moving while we keep sleeping :)

Small Miracle said...

Yes we did. I look forward to many such conversation in the lifetime to come.

In the past few days I have taken my own life too seriously! Thanks for remindin me that I am actually a really chilled out kinda gal : )

This is that said...

very well put.

Small Miracle said...

: ) awww..thanks roogie. comin from THE writer...its much appreciated : )

I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

u are best being a chilled out person...u seem to take things better if u calm urself...
remain like that pls