Sunday, March 22, 2009

Badly Good

"Bad things happen to Good people"

I have been hearing this a lot in the past few days. Its got me it really true. If it is true that means that there are good people and bad people. Being a very open minded person, I have always lived my life as " I like you" and " I don't like you". Its never been about good or bad. It was always about who you got along with. Looking back I see a lot of my Friends are similar. The women are nearly all alike. They all are Strong women, making a difference in their own way. The stand apart in the crowd. They can hold their own against anyone. These women are a deep vessel of emotions. They feel and emote. They all are special. The men Friends...hmmm. I can't seem to put a single thread through them that I can say ties that one quality together. They all are different as different can be. The only thing common I guess is that if I even need them, they will be there, no matter what or where! Maybe that is that common link. They will be there...

I think judging some one is such a terrible thing. I hate it when I get judged, which is a lot, trust me in the Industry that I work in. We all get judged. That how it works. It the damn judgement of people that get society talkin about "good" or "bad". I grew up with this phase that Anna repeated very often and still does, "One mans food is another mans poison" yep, its true. We can't have the same rules of the game for one and all.

All I know is that people who don't wish harm to the world and are sensitive to the world, are the ones who are called good. They feel the bad that happens to them much more than a person who is not sensitive enough. It doesn't mean that good stuff and bad stuff is not distributed equally amongst us all. Its just the judgement of the situation. I know I am too damn sensitive. I also know that I have never gone out knowingly to harm the world. I have my boundaries, once crossed I guess I am bad. I like to be left in my own space, doin my own thing. It could be office or home. I live in Small Miracle Land and its my rules that rule! That's me. Does that mean that my ability to feel searing pain makes me Good?! Or my inability to fall in line with others makes me Bad?!!

Amazingly for a person who doesn't judge the world. I judge my self too harshly. I am always never too good to me. I am almost always too harsh on me. Well, all that is changing now. I am finding the balance within me. I am striving hard to be good to me. I am reaching out to repair me. I am thinkin " bad things happen to everyone one" and not just me.

Do bad things happen to good people. Think about it people? Does the bad escape bad people, or is that they juss don't feel it as much as others? What really is good or bad?!

A Seed for Thought?!


SePuLcHeR said...

Like i have used this line in the past - Good or Bad is a matter of perception!!

How can one define or generalize a circumstance as good or bad? Whats good for one is surely bad for the other and vice versa!

Nothing bad can happen to good people....cuz if they are GOOD people its a blessing in disguise for their learning.

No good happens to bad people either .... maybe momentary...but yeah not good....cuz what seems good then doesnt live to stay good forever!

Small Miracle said...

Agreed. The lines between good and bad are very blurred! Intersting topic...can be debated on and on..

I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

bad is a very relative depends on the situations we deal with it, so i agree with ur post. But i do feel bad things happen to good people in a more magnified manner as good people are usually very positively expectant of good things to happen to them and their loved ones, so when a bad thing happens it usually hits so much harder.

SePuLcHeR said...

tattoo boy - maybe good people are positive of things....n u think thats what hits them harder!

i believe they blow it up themselves with the questions - "why me" and "maine kisi ke saath bura nahi kiya, toh mere saath kyon"

goodness comes with (and also to som eextent lies in)dealing the hardships of life...and accepting and smiling....n not taking so called bad things as bad .... but a part of life .... without trying to compare their so called GOODNESS to their so called BAD circumstances.

cheeers :)

Small Miracle said...

hmmm...i agree with BOTH view points here.

Though Sepulcher this time you seemed to have cracked the topic really well. I agree with every word you have said here.

Tattoo boy, yes people who are good think a lot about why bad things happen to them. As they feel they have been good they expect the same turn by destiny for them. But, it isn't so...

I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...


good people since they really strive to live a righteous life and try to be as 'good' as they can do feel cheated...and u cannot take that feeling away from them as it is very justified...tho i agree that the 'why me' syndrome is the reason why the best among us suffer bad times instead of looking at it as learning experiences. However i was just stating why people say 'bad things happen to good people'... its cuz good people get hit harder, the instensity of 'bad' gets very magnified, it changes lives.