Wednesday, March 11, 2009


What an amazing day its been. Today we celebrated Holi, the festival of colour and joy, with our near and dear ones. It was a lazy start to a very amazing day. I left home around mid day...mostly every one had finished playing that annoying, rough Holi and by the time we got to our friends at Richmond, people were just happy to put lovely red, green and yellow dry colours on me. Too tired and drunk to bother with the rest, which suited me just fine.

It was sunny and hot. About 12 of my good Friends had come together. I am very fond of them. It was an afternoon of fun, mad conversations, friendly banter, lovely cool cool shandy and awesome biryani. That's my idea of a perfect festival. With lots of people around. All of us sipping from the same Cup of Joy. Every one was mellow and happy. The cup of joy was runeth over.

Days like this you remember for years to come.

Got home around 5ish, washed the colour off and crashed out. I woke up with D's call. Although we talk nearly every day, I love hearing her voice. Waking up to her warm hello always makes my day. She is my best friend, sister, confidant, pillar of strength. We chatted a bit and while chatting I walked out to my terrace. It was that time of the evening when the sun has just set but there is still a warm glow in the horizon. Surprisingly the evening was cool ...the breeze made me feel a bit chilly so I went in and grabbed a light shawl. Made my self some nice green tea and sat outside with Prem Joshua music playing in the background. The fragrance of lovely sandal incense I had lit added to what was goin to turn into a very magical few minutes...

I rested my head on the garden chair and looked up in the sky. There was just one big shiny north star in the sky. Nothing else. A navy blue sky with a shiny star. The moon was no where to be seen. Holding my hot cup of tea I closed my eyes and made a silent wish and blew it up in the sky. The cool breeze blowing my hair slightly. Peaceful. Serene. As I slowly opened my eyes, right in front of me was the top half of the moon...slowing rising into the sky, hidden amongst the tall rises of Gurgaon.

It is a full moon night today. The moon was a bright yellow ball...confusing me, as it looked like it had stolen some colour from the sun. It was Holi afterall. Slowly this bright orange ball of fire rose...mesmerising me with its beauty. The sky started to go a darker shade of blue and tiny stars started to twinkle. Man, I can't believe how beautiful the rising moon was.

It just made me reflect of the duality of the day. The sun brought in utter joyous madness with people playing Holi. There was energy in the air. Every one was on a super high. The Sun brought out the fire...while the Moon brought in the peace. It was all quiet. No mad rush of people. Suddenly here I was totally spellbound by the beauty of the moment. The immense peace that it brought with it can't be put in words.

I am amazed every day with the duality of life. I am amazed with the duality of rushing about our daily life and the need of finding peace. I am amazed with the duality of working and wanting to escape. I am amazed with the duality of joy and sadness. I am amazed that we exist amongst all of this. We get fire from the Sun and mellow joy from the Moon. We exist between the Sun and the Moon...

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes:
Thus mellow'd to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

Do we have to travel far and wide in search of beauty?! Its right out there in front of us, we just have to stretch out and reach for it. We need to stop and stare for a moment and make it timeless in our heart and mind. I did it today...just like that the moment was mine forever...

A Seed for Thought?!!


I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

u have such an eye for nature and ur detailed descriptions of each moment are so well written..loving it :)

agent green glass said...

lovely post. in fact you inspired me to write about something i've been thinking about. thank you : )

Small Miracle said...

Thanks Agent. Juss when i thought that u don't read my blog : )