Thursday, July 29, 2010

Me Lord

This is an email I sent to my MD and CEO today morning. I desperately need help and am clearly frustrated. This was a trigger after my very able colleague in UK suggested I might want to collect press pieces from publication on a bike as NYC colleagues do that!! I have been having very frustrating times trying to retrieve pieces from "A" particular magazine.

NYC...did you really just compare us to NYC. Errr...really...have you any idea what cycling in 40 degrees Celsius can do to a human being, esp the lah di dah ones like me!! I have no idea if I still have a job after this email is read.

The email:

Morning Me Lords,

In Bollywood Movies once the hero/heroine(aka aunty small miracle) is bereft of all that they have ever had…they goes to only one place that they know they will get answers from. THE TEMPLE OF GOD!!! So, today I find my self on the door steps of the my 2 Lord and masters…I am now ringing the bells in great earnest for my wish to be heard. I will ensure that every Courier Company personally knows me by name in all the 4 metros of our country…and I cycle to every nook and corner to pick up sample pieces if need be…But for that I need some assistance. I would be most grateful if we could PLEASE look at hiring an executive for Marketing.

If there was not so much pressure, I can assure you, I would not be at your doorstep ringing the bells of despair!

Next time I get such request of spending hours trying to get a garment back, I can then with joy look at my colleagues in UK and say “ Tumahare paas Christopher or Angela hai par mere paas EXECUTIVE hai!”

Can we please discuss having an executive in marketing?


Small Miracle


Nitika said...


You wrote that? Seriously? Seriously!


SePuLcHeR said...

i dunno what else to say - WOW!!!!!

the bells might wake them up.....exactly the way ur MAIL woke me up thinking that UR THE BOSS at BB!! lol .. no offence :P

i seriously hope, they understand! amen

Small Miracle said...

yeps, wrote this in great frustration to my 2 bosses and yeps got an assistant sanctioned for the department!! :) The power of the pen i say!!

Small Miracle said...


where do i hollar for you? i have no way to contact ya sista!??