Wednesday, July 21, 2010


How will I be when I grow old?

Will I stoop when I will walk
Will my eyes still twinkle

Will I be jaded 
Will I still believe

Will I be happy 
Will I just fade

Will I enjoy all things new 
Will I just retreat

How will I be when I grow Old?

Will I be bitter for things that could not be
Will be thankful for the life I have lived

Will I be joyful
Will I be regretful

Will I make tea and enjoy it peacefully
Will I think I have no company

Will I be content with the way things turned out for me
Will I think God, you did not do this for me?

Will I have friends who will share a smile frequently
Will I think now no one has time left for me

Will I be inspiring in Old age
Will I think its just not worth my time

Will I live happily in my cottage by the sea
Will be stuck in the ocean in the city

Will I be thankful that I have lived a full life
Will I think life passed me by quickly

Will I meet death and say how quickly you came by
Will I wait for it to come and get me

How will I be when I grow Old?


This is that said...

you will be a crazy mad old woman talking about how interesting your life is..that I think I am quite sure of. Lighting candles and sipping wine too :)

Small Miracle said... candles and sippin wine for sure and callin u to gossip!! :)