Friday, June 26, 2009

Man in the Mirror

Roo woke me up early morning today. She called to tell me that Michael Jackson is no more. I was absolutely shocked. Especially as just 2 days back I had uploaded one his songs that I just love on FB. My blackberry was full of messages of friends who thought it was so weird that I had uploaded MJ out of nowhere and now he is dead.

MJ can never die…with his death he will be one of the Icons that will live till music dies. You and I both know that music will never die. It will evolve, change faces, the beat will be different but still there will be a beat to which millions around the world will dance to. Luckily for Michael music will never die.

He was a mad genius. Changed the face of Music Videos with “Thriller”, changed the face of fashion with is short tapered trousers and while socks, changed the way people perceived plastic surgery 20 yrs back and Dancing,today we talk about pre moonwalking dancin and postmoon walk dancing styles. He pushed the envelope with his crazy mad genius.

Many focussed on his bizarreness where as to me he always stood for this lonely person who just couldn’t handle his life. He wanted to badly love and be loved. Just like all of us.

The line between celebrity and mortals gets blurred when the “humanness” comes to fore. End of the day the genius died a broken man. It seems he struggled with the same insecurities the plague you and I…zits ( I have often talked about mine!), fat nose, possibly his skin colour, loneliness, friendless, loveless, not having a normal relationship with his family and parents.

Isn’t it amazing how end of the day we all become equal when our emotions come to play. Same feelings of love, joy, euphoria, pain, sorrow, unhappiness…Are our emotions natures way of making us equal in the court of life??

A seed for thought for the man in the Mirror.


I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

A legend lost!
An ICON in the true sense..and in his private world he was in turmoil..poor guy..he is now peace!

SePuLcHeR said...

true.....emotions to some extent provide us a platform to stand equal......its just our way of handling them makes us different :)

Small Miracle said...

very well said sepulcher!! very well said...its juss our way of handlin them that makes us different...hmmm