Monday, June 15, 2009


One fine day you woke up and had me in your life. From being a no body I am a somebody that you know. I didn’t exist for you for all these years…I am now a person you want to hear from more and more.

What happens is that destiny waits and bides its time, till the perfect moment strikes and then two lives collide. The collision course is preset and a small thunder strikes. Unknowingly out of nowhere 2 lives collide.

It could be 2 friends who met at Miranda or colleagues who became best friends, it could be 2 strangers on the net, who connect or it could be 2 people who meet randomly on a golf course. How and where it strikes no one ever knows. Strike it does and that how our life goes.

Some wonderful people have collided and intersected my life’s road. Your life and mine got entangled and the web just grew so strong. Some times I resisted and some times I gave in easy... but a web it is of friendship.It turned that my fortunes got doubled as you and I collided.

Last 6 months have been traumatic but some amazing friendships came in fore. I specially want to mention Agent Green Glass and Sepulcher more so. 2 wonderful people I met in this massive blog world. Unknowingly our lives collided and now we want more.

This page is incomplete without mention of Mad M. Out of nowhere you came and ripped away most of my fears. You stood behind me and all I felt was your white force. Although you are mostly so far away, I have felt you presence through the darkest of my phase. I sat lonely on a rock far away from the world I knew, trying to make sense of it all, suddenly I feel you sitting besides me cracking some mad silly jokes. Our lives must have just collided but you behaved like you were ALWAYS there. You dared to call me impostor to my face; my smiling mask was ripped off to reveal all those tears. I can’t thank you enough mister and for a change I am short of words…I have known goodness just when I was totally engulfed in fear.

Bang.. Bang.. Bang some lives collide and form friendships out of nowhere. Then there are those rhythms that get broken and one can't comprehend. One fine night you look up and the moon has walked off to a new home!!! Ah…these collision courses change our life for sure.

Seed for thought for those on the collision course??


Mandeo said...

hmmmm... i guess its the best ones who attrract the strong ones.. so ur the best otherwise none wud be around. its u who attracted us at the very first place, so no point thanking anyone. . v thank u for appreciating our positives and making us realise that V DO MAKE SENSE..
I thank you....
and lastly, u mentioned " mandeo ripped most of u fears away" i wanna know which ones r v missin out on.. lets burnout the leftovers too..

Small Miracle said...

hmmm...well, one by one all fears will be conquered..can't do it all at once! : )

thank you rippin the ones you did and the others are in line as well!

One by one mad by one i say.

Mandeo said...

one by one is a norm created by us.. there aint a rule as such.. you do know it..
well on the other hand without anyone being next to you or with u , u managed to absorb the positivity and strength from as far away as u r..
well done.. v hav something to learn..

Small Miracle said...

See that's juss wot I find very inspiring about you.. Juss when I stop living on the edge, u pull me right back.
Yep we make them norms.. Whyyyyyy???

Since when did I get so comfortable living a norm??

I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

as a valued member of the blog following wondering when we get a new post, i heard from my sources that we were gonna get one in the evening today

p:s - mandeo..nice to see u here, see my blog also...its very diff from neha's i must warn u hehee

Small Miracle said...

Tattoo boy, sorry i got lazy last night. A blog post comin up shortly : )

agent green glass said...

wow. seed for thought...that is huge food for thought.

you are right...bang, we collide...suddenly, with no warning. but the thing is...some times you just feel the vibe, the energy...and you know you're tuning into something so right. the connect, the fit, the lock.

sometimes you smile and put your hand out, sometimes you are shy.
most times i'm shy. (i know, that seems difficult to believe, but i am) but you were so easy. you smiled, left a comment, had coffee...and it was easy. i knew you were a fantastic person. your soul shines through as simple, uncomplicated and happy.

small miracle, i'm happy we collided. i'm happy we're friends. and thank you for feeling the same.

agent green glass said...

gosh. that was a long post. but i got senti. i always do about friends. : ) damn.

agent green glass said...

small miracle. i had to write again. i just read your last two blogs. my blog feed is probably not working, didn't know you had posted those two.

i have tears in my eyes. you are amazing, just amazing. just freaking AMAZING. you are strong, beautiful and full of light.

man, i am blessed to know women like you and Roo. you are phenomenal women! yes, you are.

Small Miracle said...

Awww..Agent green glass, now i have tears! Now days I am extra emotional for obvious reasons.

Like Mandeo said, I think like minds attract each other...I think I am very lucky to have the people I have in my life, hence a shout out.

That call you made to me really touched my core. Very few people have done juss goes to prove how super amazin YOU are!!

A big HUG

This is that said...

You attract the best...look at us..all the best people ...

You love and give generously. Thats why you attract the best. So that we can all think we are the best.

You gorgeous person. Live your life. You are the Princess remember.

Small Miracle said...

We truly are a band of mad, strong, loving, emotional, giving women. I think i am today a better person as i have had you in my life for 18 yrs.

SePuLcHeR said...

its quite strange how at times absolute strangers collide and become a little part of u.

a special mention must have been deep....cuz it touched the sepulcher for sure! :)

glad to know u miracle lady :))

Small Miracle said...

Glad to know you too Sepulcher : ) Keep writing...expressing...venting...sharing : )