Sunday, June 21, 2009


I have been real busy now days doing up my place. Its certainly got MY stamp on it. Although its juss the initials stages, i am in the process of putting my home together. Bedroom is bright pink and orange. Living room is yellow. Drawing room is turquoise blue and lemon green...and study is staid brown, guest room I am still to do. Its a riot of colors. True reflection of my colorful life.

I need to be able to walk into my home and get a feeling of being surrounded by various colors of light...VIBGYOR if you please. I want to live in light!! Just walking into my new home makes me feel better about my situation. For that matter my fish (guppies)are also really colorful. I have a bunch of them with pink, orange, yellow tails...i can sit for hours just looking at them move around. They are so bright and lovely.

Slowly things are settling in. Got my internet and TV connection. Two most important things to live in today's time. Opened all my books up and realized there are so many that are unread... I don't know why I never got down to reading them??? I have a bunch of movies on my laptop. Hmmm..I seem to have taken care of immediate loneliness. Can't afford to feel that for a prolonged period of time. I fear it becoming a habit...a habit that one finds difficult to kick.

I write this post while listenin to "Its all right" by Seal on 95 FM...Its my current favourite song and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it..hmmmm...yes my dears it is truly gonna be alright. Nik and I are coming to grips with the tornado that hit us... It created destruction for sure, but also left a eerie silence after all the turmoil. I am loving my silence. No more fighting, arguing, hurting, painful discussion...maybe there is still "why me..." but that too shall pass, hopefully. Its very very tough but I can only pray for a better tomorrow for both of us.

Last evening I had my first bunch of friends over. A nice tarot reading and some crazy conversations...then someone who really comforts me, came over...Perfect! Like I had mentioned in one of my earlier post...I am alone but not lonely!

Its Happening...its all happening for the better!

Does happiness find us or do we go looking and create our own happiness??
Seed for thought for the not so wise as me.


This is that said...

I am dying to see your house, can you please take some pics and post them..please...I am excited because I know how you will float from room to room like a butterfly..I can see the curtains..the space..your fish..but I need to see the pics..

And are a people person..we know that..I am glad your space is full of colour and light and laughter and friends..because thats who you are.

I cannot see your space and to dive in your energies.

Small Miracle said...

And I can't wait to host you!! Its so important for me to have you come over and spend some time in MY space. I need to hear you say that all is well and i am managing fine on my own. You KNOW how important it is for me to hear that from you.

I am still doing the place. Once it is done i will take some pics : )

I can't wait to have you over...

Mandeo said...

hmmmm.. nice

Small Miracle said...
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Small Miracle said...

hmmm...nice...the place or the post?? : )

Pachyderm said...

Your house not just looks awesome, but most importantly, FEELS awesome. It feels like a home rather than a house. Cant wait to get Bunny, and then hang around getting some much needed girl time!

Small Miracle said...

awwww...thanks!! I wanna thank you and chinnu fer being one of my first guests at home. Its so much fun havin you guys over, The NSG conversation was wayyyy tooo funny!!

Lets do this again and this time with booze!

Pleaseeeeeeee bring Bunny next time. I so wanna have her over. Pleaseeeeeee lets do a furly evening fer sure!!

Last but not the least, you are an ANGEL in disguise fer me. I think 2 adoptions happened fer you at the same knowingly and the other unknowingly ; )

I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

love the bohemia of the new place..the new found freedom and joy and anticipation in the new place...the excitement and mystery of a new chapter!!!

and how lovely uve made it thankful to hv been a small part of such a big peice of your life. When is the proper housewarming!!! i need to dj! i need my music to touch all the corners of ur place..its my way of finding a nook to reside in :):)

Small Miracle said...

Tattoo boy i will never forget the look on ur face when I was picking up my pink and orange were ready to faint!! ; ) LOVED IT!!

I am so glad to have you by my side for all the lows and the highs. You have been an amazin friend. Now pack ur pjs this weekend for a sleep over, a nice movie and some good food! : )

I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

was suprised a bit by the riot of colours at first takes guts to pick up pink curtains and orange does! lol

but it worked out and it looks HOT TAMALE...

and im always there!!!
packin them pjs right away!

SePuLcHeR said...

i did a bit of interiors while i was in college...the house sounds nice :)

and about hapiness finding us..or vice versa....i truly belive in pursuing it :) ... no wonder ... the pursuit of happYness ... was quite an inspiration!!

maybe hppiness is something we can never have....and we can only pursue it!

Small Miracle said...

well i hve lived a pretty happy life in most parts and like all there have been low periods..but sepulcher i have touched, tasted and felt happiness.. I think it can reside in us if we allow it to.