Friday, June 12, 2009

Live and Write

How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.

- Henry David Thoreau

Well, having taken this seriously, I think today life has taught me enough for me to write. I have lived. Lived a life that has been blessed and very privileged. Today I woke up wanting to Thank my countless blessings as I was beginning to feel a bit thankless. That just didn’t feel right for after all, I AM Small Miracle. A bi product of many small miracles, which have come together, to make me who I am today.

I focussed so long on my failures that I forgot to realise the achievements. There have been plenty. I have lived a very sheltered life for most of my growing years. I had a value system a bit outdated for my generation, I admit. But, that kept me simple, grounded and in awe of life.

I grew up full of life. I talked nine to a dozen (and still do!), about this that and everything…with animated hand movements. Its like those very hand movements would make the story go any faster than it already did. In my head the story is going much faster than what I am narrating it…I talk a lot!!

Every one I know from childhood calls me mad. I admit, I am mad. Mad for wanting to live a full life. I don’t know how and when I will be back on earth. I don’t know what my next life circumstances will be…so should I not enjoy the best of life now, with such blessed circumstances??

I love travelling. It feeds my soul. My soul found my dad and knew that this would be the best-travelled household. From the day I was born its been non stop movement in my life…and I have loved every second of it. Thanks to dad I also travelled to America for the first time…how it opened up my world and mind.

I work for one of the world’s most reputed airline. I was the youngest manager at age 26 when i got hired. I hardly make any money but the reason I have stuck on, is its fuel to my fire for travel. I have been to countless countries on work and pleasure…and I feel the romance has just begun. Still so many places to go…so much to do…learn…imbibe…honour.

At times my life has touched the dark side…flitting here and there. Nothing that alarmed me. The only time I experienced a prolonged dance with darkness was in my personal relationship. Today I have left that behind. I walk on towards the light, things bright and beautiful. I know darkness and I will tango now and then. But that doesn’t scare me anymore.

I have an amazing life to be thankful for. So much has happened and so much I welcome to come teach me. I have welcomed strangers who have become dear friends. I have stood and stared at nature. I have loved my work and my people who work with me. I have many many friends who stand strong with me, besides me and behind me.

I have never cheated. Money is such an easy corrupter but I never volunteered to be its slave. I respect wealth but not lust it. It comes, good enough…it doesn’t well just too bad!

I have parents who tell me I have done them proud. My father says I have handled the separation in my marriage in quiet dignity that shocks him. Where did this strength come from, well, i think it was there within. I know its time to bow my head and be thankful, for I am one of the many small miracles!

I write this not in arrogance but in humility for I can truly say I have stood up and lived.

A seed for thought?


I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

really well written, i mean really!
and so true also!
lots of travelling and lots of discovering awaits u :)
the future is brighter than the sun.. LIVE IT UP :)

Small Miracle said...

thanks tattoo boy!! : )

gonna live it up!!!

SePuLcHeR said...

for sure u gonna live it up miracle lady :)

a lovely read!! beautifully written. loved it :)

and yeah....u hardly make money?? lol... how about exchanging jobs (or just the money part if u want)?? hehe...ull get to travel in my domain too!! :D

Small Miracle said...

grass is always greener on the side!! Trust me its a slog that you don't wanna endure, sepulcher! : )

SePuLcHeR said...

neither the saint....nor the wise has ever been able to decipher what we call the OTHER SIDE!! :)

slogging - it provides me with a domain that i wanna encapsulate myself in! :)