Thursday, August 12, 2010


I am bored!! So many changes in my life, things to do lists, places to go, dreams to live …yet I am bored.

I mean do you see how high maintenance I must be for my self. Always trying to entertain me! Keeping my self occupied with hours of net surfing. Checking out blogs, gossip sites, cooking tips, fashion and beauty updates. I am constantly reading, either a book or a magazine or a blog or an email or a txt message. My eyes and brain are constantly flirting, you do this ..I do that!!

When I get bored of living my life vicariously through the net then I take out time and meet real people aka friends and family. I will socialize…meet, dine, wine, and talk. Something is going on constantly. Talking, listening, emoting, expressing, and indulging.

I will find my self spending hours in traffic jams. In midst of the chaos on the roads, I will be connecting to the RJ on my favorite radio channel, taking work calls, cursing the car that grazed me by, smiling at the dude in the next car, scowling at the beggar who wont leave me alone.

If that too is not enough I will find my self cleaning my house, my office space, my car. Cleaning out the cobwebs constantly. Well, when I am done with that then I might find my self in a mall or cinema. Either window shopping, thinking …debating, to buy or not to buy. Once done with that I will watch a movie…connect to it …think over it, like it, hate it…occupy my brain with it as if it already wasn’t doing enough.

I might even find my self sitting in my terrace and reflect about my past, dwell in my present and day dream about my future. You see my friends its non stop!! In spite of doing all this and more…I find my self in this place in time…where I am freaking bored!!!

Boredom: The desire for desires?? Is that true?! A Seed for Thought for people who are too bored to be thinking about boredom!

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