Thursday, August 26, 2010


"Let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit." Kahil Gibran

I Just got back after a hectic work trip that I combined with a personal holiday. It was such a rejuvenating holiday for me. 2 days …that’s all it took to feel like a girl again, a lucky girl. I am a very lucky girl and sadly at times I go out of my way to forget that. Why don’t I remember the fact that things could have been weirder and far less cooler??!

I look back and see the wonderful friendships that I have endured, nourished and grown over the past few years. It’s not easy I think to find friends, but I think it’s even more difficult to maintain friends when you find them. It takes so little to walk away from friendships and other things that require our attention. It’s so easy to give up.

I am so glad that I endured these friendships. It has been a ride over the past years. We go back to the time that most of our current friends have not been part of. What we do for each other is keep the youth warm and cosy in our memories. No don’t get me wrong…its not that we are old or something (far from that!). By youth I mean we remind each other of the rather foolish yet gusty decision we made while growing up. Some thing as simple as bunking a class is gusty I think…something that we did with such ease and flourish…and today we think 40 times before taking an impulsive half day from work. That is what we keep warm in our memories…the small gusty things that each one of us did…and can STILL DO!

We take care of each other yet we lead insular lives. So much goes on day to day that I don’t think we can keep up with the goings on. Yet, we gather each other and prod the other to walk that last mile of any race of life. Together we can put back a broken soul with the strength of our friendship. I know as I have witnessed this miracle.

I have many new friends and they accept me for who I am today. I need them too for they are my today but my yester friends are my yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Are friendships our biggest test of time? A Seed for Thought for the ones like me who has many many friends and well wishers but my best friends have been and will be the ones with whom I endure the passage of time.


Nisha Sara-Rain said...

Beautifully conveyed Small Miracle. :)

krunal said...

you're lucky enough to have got so many GOOD friends (yeah, but may be that gets compensated at losing sth crucial. no hard feeling. :-)

as for me, i choose to be a friend of all. and the one who is a friend of all is a friend of none.

krunal said...

by the way, just to add- friends are the ones with whom we can be whatever we truly are. with every one else you have to (pretend to) be something else that exactly you're not.

Small Miracle said...

thanks nisha

Small Miracle said...

Krunal, yes i am very lucky to have lots of friends and out of them there are a bunch at the very good...they are my life line.

i don't think any relationship can compensate for the other. Different relationships have a different place in ones life...each plays a part that is unique, as I believe no two people are alike and hence have the ability to compensate.

its like you miss a finger in your hand...although others might b there. A seed for Thought?!