Friday, August 27, 2010


Most people are too busy earning a living to make any money.

I am a slave in a democracy. That’s what I feel like at times. Who says slavery is over, I think its only got reformed. I will be waking up till I am 60 yrs old and will leave for office every single day. I need to earn a living or I will die of hunger. I have to work every god damn day to ensure that I have resources to feed, clothe and provide for my self. I am a slave in the corporate world, the only difference being that I am not chained physically to my desk. But all the invisible chain and ball are tied to me though email, blackberry et al. Hell ya… I am a full on slave for sure!

I have NO TIME to stand and stare. I am always running to meet deadlines, flights, cabs, meetings etc. From the time I leave home in the morning, I am in a race, all that just so that I can make ends meet. What if I want to just live by a river side…grow my own vegetables? Well yes of course you can maam starting at 1.5 crores a house!

All of us are just toiling away every single day so that we can provide. Man has complicated his being on earth so damn much that we are slaves to ourselves now. Our needs and desires have got us hostage. We can never be free. Our quest only is material and it’s not going to end in this life time.

All I want is that little piece of land.

Are people better at making money and assets or am I just plain stupid?? A Seed for Thought for a very foolish me.


Nitika said...

Same story here. I want that piece of land too but there is no money honey.
Reminds me of that ABBA song money money money.
I am just grateful to be working and not being dependent on anyone for my needs. I was for sometime and it was the worst time ever.


krunal said...

a dialogue from the movie matrix
"nobody said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it"

Small Miracle said...

nitika...i agree! i am just whining :( coz i just want a break...i want money...i want to LIVE!!!! Mostly i want to whine!

Small Miracle said...

krunal, very well said!

Nisha Sara-Rain said...

Ah yes, mankind wins at enslaving. Wants and desires mean nothing. Simple pleasures like walking down a quite lane in any hill-station, getting lost in thought, looking at someone special (partner, mother, sibling, child, friend or even your precious pet) and knowing that you're the luckiest person in the world, snuggling under a blanket on a rainy night... ah true joy in simple pleasures... all of which are priceless. Affording them is really up to you. Have a blessed day.