Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Circles in the Air

When I got all the Answers, my Questions had changed. Circles in the Air…Round and Round.

Life does come full circle, doesn’t it? One fine day you complete a karmic, emotional, physical and spiritual journey. What you are left with is the realization that the circle is complete…

I went back to Pune after a few years. This is where I did my MBA and met nik. We started dating and went of on spend 2 years absolutely inseparable. I was so unsure if I wanted to go back there…what if everything came rushing back to me?? I have worked too damn hard to restart my life and I didn’t want to allow my self to be in that emotional place again.

Well, I had a choice, either I sit paralyzed in fear of what if or take that much needed break that I so deserved and go meet my beau. Have you noticed how my life is FULL of these strange situations? Well, after days of dilly dallying I decided to go meet my fears at Pune.

Lets just say from the moment I landed, in apprehension, I was just swept away with positivity and exuberance. I got picked up at the airport and had a really mad fun ride in an Auto. Hadn’t done that in the longest time. Rather than meeting fear I actually met my youth. It was waiting for me…I guess for years. Hoping one day I will come back and visit. Back to River view at Koregaon Park...waiting in a Que to enter a club after years. It all felt just right.

I had such a joyful stay…went all over. All I had was great memories of Tiks, R, my mad surd gang at Koregaon Park and Birds Nest. My brother got married in Pune. I first learnt to drive my kinetic here…first time got smashed drunk here…so many firsts.

R do you remember how mad we were? Like nothing could touch us....from buying ciggies from the railway station to dragging my kiney in the night outside the colony to drive down to Koregaon. No one could rule us. We were the keepers of our precious life.

Eerily I got a call from nik when I was there and I am happy to report that I didn’t think twice before not taking his call. Nor did I dwell on it….it like I was being tested by destiny and I didn't crumble as expected.

Pune has changed for the better…and I guess so have I. There I was hoping to get some answers to a broken past, just to realize that nothing is physical …its just circles in the air…those fade away in time. I was happy to have gone to be with someone who matter and to whom I matter. Another circle in the air!

The more we try to circle our life into a set universe pattern...the more circles in the air we make…Seed for Thought for those who like me have spent years bringing order in my mythical universe. Loosen Up. Live for today!


Nisha Sara-Rain said...

Hi small miracle, congratulations on such a fabulous post. I identify with it and I call it the 'one-day plan'. I made a post on my own blog just last morning. Keep the lovely, spiritual messages coming. Love, peace and light always.

Nitika said...

Kudos to you.
Im currently in Bangalore, the city where I separated. Left him here for good.
Been here for a week and it feels good.

Though sometimes I expect my husband to show up someplace, and wonder how I'd react to it.

Good to know you had a nice time in Pune. Keeping having fun and enjoy yourself.

Take care

Small Miracle said...

Nisha, thanks! :)I have all intentions on going on ur blog and reading it! :)

Sending white light ur way sista! :)

Small Miracle said...

Nikita...slowly one day at a time we walk away from our shackles. I think the faster we meet our fears...the sooner we are free of them :)