Monday, June 14, 2010


She: (on the phone)I have had such a tiring day at work. Bad terrible day.

He: Listen just relax. Be positive. This too shall pass

She: There is nothing to this day that I can turn positive. My life is a mess.

He: Try living.You give up very fast in life

She: I am tired of life at times. It’s such a grind. Can this slog not ever end?

He: Why do you have to be so negative? Relax baby, be happy to be alive

She : You won’t get it. Life is so complicated. Some days are just an emotional and physical drain. Can't wait to get out of office

He: I wont get it?? Do I not live on the same planet

She: Ok forget this…let me come home and make some nice spicy chicken and unwind over dinner

He: Ok that sounds good. But, you do know that I don’t like spicy food

She: Ok Ok what ever makes you happy. I just want to come home to you. Don't go back tonight...stay for dinner.

He: See you soon baby!

Evening a very tired She rings the door bell.

He: Don’t open your eyes. I mean walk in but keep your eyes closed. What the heck let me close your eyes and walk you in? No peeking!!

She: (hearts thumping)What’s happening?? I can hear lovely music. What’s the surprise?? This is too exciting!

He: (Sits her down on a couch). Have you ever sat here before?

She: (whispers) no actually no one has. Its been a piece of new furniture..not yet a part of my new home.

He: Why are you looking so shocked my dear? You can blink you know!

She: (her eyes are darting about the room) God! You have taken out all the candles and lit them. My favorite wine is out of the rack and wine glasses too!!

He: Now sit back on your new couch, sip on your favorite red wine in your favorite glass...thats how you do things when you have people over...right?

She: But, I mean, how…Gosh! I am stuttering aren’t I??

He: (an hour and a wine bottle later, running his fingers through her hair) How are your nerves now?

She: I can’t believe you actually entered the kitchen and made spicy chicken….you don’t even eat spicy food and yet you ate every last bit with me…I think the wine has gone to my head!

He: I don’t know about the wine but you have come into my heart. I see you battle it out every day…I even urge you to the battle. Love remember one thing, while life is making you stronger and I am making you softer..

She: (Looking into his eyes) You make so much sense, always! Every day I am hardened yet I grow softer in my heart. Only you and I can understand this. This was the most perfect day…you are adored!


Minal said...

read through your archives - understood the distance that you have travelled. admire the strength

Nikita Banerjee said...

Don't we all wish for such evenings... sigh!

This is that said...


Small Miracle said...

Minal, thanks for visiting. I too did not like my self for a long long time...from loving my self as a young girl to despising my self as a teaches us much.

All I know is that there can't be much love without if there is not much love within...A seed for thought?

keep visiting!! :)

Small Miracle said...

Nikita..."You create your own universe as you go along" Winston Churchill :)

i like seeing you around on my blog :)

Small Miracle said...

R, This WAS that ; )

Mandeo said...

hhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm nice guy for sure

Small Miracle said...


Haddock said...

well written.

Small Miracle said...

thanks haddock :) thanks for visiting~~