Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lardy Hell!!

1. New Home – tick

2. New Job – tick

3. New Romance – tick

4. New Life - tick

5. New physical fitness regimen - why the hell can’t I get to tick this box!

After much procrastination, the last bit of getting my life in order has been set in motion. My office has moved just 10 minutes away…and I nearly cross my gym everyday. But I just can’t get myself to get into the gym. It’s like I come under a spell and drive right past it. I can’t feel a thing. Nothing. No remorse of spending hundred of rupees at the gym at my annual membership. What is wrong with me?? After years of being physically fit and avid gym-er it’s literally something I can’t get my self to do.

Then I go on this beautiful holiday to the hills. River rafting with my new beau (did I mention I have one and he’s gorgeous!) and all the fun was had. I come back and excitedly go through the pictures. Halfway through I give out this blood curdling scream…a shriek that scared me too. What do I see here now…I mean this is just not possible…could it be true.. I mean IT IS true but this can’t be happening to me. I see this picture of mine with a paunch…People it’s “I am preggers with your baby” paunch!!

Bloody hell…I had the most in-shape body with a creep who cheated on me… what a freakin waste! Now how am I ever supposed to get to the next level with the gorgeous one??! That kinda woke me out of my long slumber of fitness. I had been so busy repairing my life that I had totally forgotten that stress has begun to show on me right there…at my mid section, swollen face, big hips. I can’t seem to even fit into my favorite Victoria Secrets!!!

So a few days back I pulled my self to the gym…for the love of self and the gorgeous one. I must, I must, I must reduce this paunch!!! It’s been such a painful experience of walking, jogging, kick boxing, stretching….I can go on. I know its going to taking sweating it out for hours, days, weeks and months. Just when the mental test got over, the physical one began. Lardy hell!!

While I run to put my body back in order, the man who got me to this super stressed place has just acquired himself a BMW!! Is there any thing left to see in life I wonder?? Where the fuck is my SMALL MIRACLE!!!! God I don't ask for a fancy alimony,  a flatter stomach and size 8 will do for now!!!!

“Why do bad things happen to good people?” Coz it’s a bet between God and Satan to see if the good one will go over to the dark side….and scratch cheaters BMW with a wide blade! A Seed for Thought!


Nitika said...

Hi there :)

Dont let go off your alimony. Seriously! Seriously. Take every single penny.
When Im under a lot of stress, I lose my appetite.
When I separated, I became thinner than ever.

Oh, and the good thing I heard this past week was that my soon to be ex husband got bit by a snake.

For some strange reason, it makes me happy.
I'm quite a sadist :)
What I need to do right now is get myself a guy. I dont know where all the good ones are though :)

You hang in there. I'll help you scratch the BMW. Just holler :)


Small Miracle said...

Hey can't even imagine how much i laffed when i read your comment...gettin bitten by a snake is something else man..too damn hilarious!!

No i idn't take a penny. Don't need his shit...god has given me a head and heart to restart my life...and i have!

Listen there are very cute and gorgous ones out there..don't worry one day they will come lookin...just ensure you are feeling your best :)

i never ate under stress ever...and lost weight in a heartbeat...but now its just a struggle...don't know what the lardy hell is wrong with me!!

This is that said...

you are gorgeous small..

Small Miracle said...

thankssssssssssssss R :)