Monday, January 18, 2010


Have you ever thought about how the word Sorry originated? Some one out there sat and said OK there will be one word in the English language that will make all wrongs, right. So you can say, do or behave any which way and by just saying “Sorry” all peace will be restored.

I for one was drilled in with “Sorry” and “Thank You” during my formative years. If you did something wrong you said sorry, like it or not. If some one did something for you said “Thank You”. SIMPLE! If A n I didn’t comply we were reprimanded. These are things that we clearly did not compromise on. Today my Sorry’s and Thank you’s come very easily.

I bump into someone unintentionally in the Mall I will say sorry and every morning while stepping out of the lift I will say thank you to the liftman. That’s just the way it is. I don’t even think I give it a second thought. It’s a habit, second nature. But the point is, does it really make a difference to anyone?

Lets not confuse my good manners for weakness. Lets not think that if I say sorry I am being weak or stupid. I know for a lot of people it might not be an easy word to say. It might be considered a weak word. A word, which signifies defeat. To me it’s a word that restores peace.

The point being does it really restore peace?? Isn’t it a meaningless word because by saying nor do you feel better and nor does the person you have hurt feel any different. If you boss sacks you and then says sorry, what’s the point, right?!!

Once an action takes place it leads to a reaction, that reaction could lead for you to feel certain emotions. Those emotions will form thoughts and those thoughts will prompt words out of you mouth. Once those words are out then there is no stopping of the reaction to them. How much saying I didn't mean what I said, I am sorry, doesn't help. You said what you felt at that point. No one should feel sorry for expressing what they feel, but we do. Once the words are out they are and meant to be said. No amount of Sorry can turn the clock around…Sorry is then just a VERY SORRY WORD.

Are words like Sorry redundant when you are really hurt or when you hurt someone, A Seed for Thought for you my friends.

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SePuLcHeR said...

"Sorry" - i would only believe in it if the person who uses the word knows what it means and stands for!
the biggest of mistakes could be washed out with one word - but not the same mistakes over and over again.