Sunday, January 17, 2010

5 years forecast

Yesterday I got asked a very stupid question. It is so stupid that I actually refused to answer it. A chance meeting with a friend had kinda turned into an interview of sorts. He wanted to offer me a job and next thing I know his colleague started an "unofficial interview". As a management student I am pretty aware of what kinds of questions might get asked and a few years back I might has even answered this dumb question with great sincerity. Yesterday, it was a different story.

After asking me a series of very intelligent questions making me believe that she has pretty good "questioning" skills. This lady went ahead and closed the session with a very dumb question. Do people really ask "Where will you be 5 years from now???” I mean I got asked that a decade back when I went looking for my first job. Is it still relevant today in a time when a second goes past faster than a nano second?
Where will I be 5 years from now...hmmm...let’s roll back 5 years from now and ask this question to me. So this question is being asked of me in 2005 and I am looking at 2010 while answering. OK..Here goes. 
  1. I will most certainly not be working at VA. C'mon who spends 9 yrs with a company??
  2. I might be on a sabbatical from work as I will be a mother of two (at least)
  3. Facebook..Twitter, are you joking?! I wouldn't be telling the world what I am doing at any given time. That is invasion of privacy!
  4. I have no clue how to keep fish...let alone have 2 pond
  5. Blogging? Are you crazy? I have nothing to say and no one has time to read my crap
  6. Nah! Why bother with driving when you can have a driver
  7. Not tell the person who is kinda interviewing me that this is such a stupid question that I am not going to answer it!
I can go on and on...but I am sure you get the point. Why on heavens name do people ask such a stupid question??! Well, I know for sure 5 year back I wouldn’t have asked anyone to bugger off when they asked stupid questions like this. But in 2010 I did. I actually told her its so damn irrelevant that I don't think I will answer it. Will I get the job...well let me look into my crystal ball, 5 years from now : )
Why are management graduates still stuck in fuddy duddy questions of the past about the future? 
A Seed for Thought for the ones who are supposedly making a difference to our economy with forward thinking.


SePuLcHeR said...

hahaha....lovely post!
5 years from now......what i know is....i will be sitting in the same chair...having my drinks.....and reading ur blog....and commenting with the same enthu :)

ohhh...copy error again in the first para :P ... cant help...thats my job! :P

maybe time moves as fast as u mentioned.....still u never know what beholds the next second! :)

Small Miracle said...

At least decrease the years and say 2 years from now, if you have to, have to,have to, ask this dumb question!

I am sure 5 yrs from now u will b bored of my rantings ; )

SePuLcHeR said...

well.....for a person at ur level......guess even 2 years is eternity! kinda goes well with the lesser beings like us :D

naaaa.....not before u get bored of my comments :)

Small Miracle said...

Sepulcher look back at last year and then answer this question.

I think its the most irrelevant question to ask a human being as "Man proposes n God disposes!" ; )

SePuLcHeR said...

last year....last year...... lol
we both know what last year stands for! made us stand at the same a way...what an irony!

like i absolutely a stupid question.....i so so so wanna get questioned like than for once in my life! cuz what i have realised in the recent past is (damn my modesty) ..... i interview the to-be-employers :P
shud quit that....sometimes in my life :P

I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

I love this!!! i wish we could reply sarcastically and say

'one sec biatch, ill jus have a peeper in my crystal ball and let u knw exactly where i will be in 5 yrs, can i have the date and month pls? Wanna know ur details too?'

ok i knw im gonna be asked to leave if that happens lol..but yea thats jus a fun fantasy haha

Small Miracle said...

Wanna know ur details too?'...hahahhahha....awesome!! LOVE IT!! Seriously man...such stupidity floading about out there in guise of supa coolness!!