Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Heart n Soul

I know I have been far away from the written word for a long while now. So much has happened in 2009, its un-freaking believable! I needed to get away.

So I did just that…went into hibernation from the world I knew and grew me a new Heart and Soul. A large, soft, adrenalin pumping Heart. A Soul that can cover the universe and more. Winter of my life is over. Unlike animals that hibernate who feed on their body, I fed on my heart n soul for a long while….NOW I am out for a FEAST OF LIFE. Boy, am I hungry for that juicy yummy bite of life and that soul quenching tall glass of lemonade!

Thank you Sweet Lord for throwing me the Sour Lemons. You kept throwing them and I kept collecting till we both were exhausted. My soul was numb and I could feel nothing. Then I crawled into a corner and made such awesome Lemonade. This Lemonade had my broken heart and lifeless soul. And with the first sip of that ghastly lemonade I felt the first stirring a new heart…yes I could feel faint heartbeats. How is that possible? I thought my heart was broken and gone…no wait, I can hear it getting stronger…and by the next glass I could feel the LOUD thuds resonating through my Soul. Wait…did I say soul…the same torn, rotten soul that could feel no more. What are you saying??? With the third glass my soul was growing…it grew and grew. Suddenly I could hear the LOUD thuds of my heartbeat and feel the GLOW of my soul. One fine day I came alive again.

Small Miracle is Back!! Wish you all an amazing 2010!!

Love what you have and live in the moment, a lesson I so painfully learnt through the raw winter of my life. We don’t know what our future holds but we KNOW what we can do with our NOW.

A Seed for Thought for the ones like me who only knew to live in the past.


SePuLcHeR said...

beautifully written once again miracle lady. yes so true - why wait for the future to unfold when we can control the present!!

its so good to read from you again, hoping to do that on regular terms.

what a year! how two extremely opposite people had somewhat the same ending....and a new begining that doesnt look much different in 2010!!

Keep pumping your new heart....let your new soul wander......the sourness will have its sweet taste in a sweet way!

happiest 2010...and an even happier life to you :)


Small Miracle said...

Thanks Sepulcher...let the writings begin! ; )

We are so gonna own 2010...aren't we??!! : )

SePuLcHeR said...

absolutely.... :))


I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

This is so wonderful and i can jus sense how real this is because in many ways it happened in front of my own eyes...i saw this phoenix rising..slowly and surely ready to soar..u my friend are a SOLDIER OF LOVE :) AND now may love shine through in ur life...also lets add some vodka in that lemonade..put on a fun movie..cook some mutton and have a ballllllllllllllllllllll

Small Miracle said...

There is already Vodka in my lemonade. Its given me a buzz of a life time and I NEVER want this heady feelin to end...let the parties for 2010 begin Tattoo Boy.Lets relish every moment of this buzz! : )

Biggggggg Hug fer standing by me like a ROCK.

Nisha Sara-Rain said...

OMG, it's brilliantly written. I agree Small Miracle (you really are one HUGE Miracle) hibernation and soul therapy is the best. Strangely when I was at one of the lowest points of my life, I felt most free, reconnected with my heart and my soul. My heart is still scattered and broken but I am learning... very slowly to connect with each of those broken bits.

Small Miracle said...

Nisha...i find repairing my soul in solitude was far better...and maybe a bit easier. The noise of society had to be shut out ...i was too weak and scared to face them.Now i look them in the eye and they meekly shift their inquiring gaze the other way. I WILL BE THE PERSON I SET OUT TO BE AS A YOUNG WOMAN...IRRESPECTIVE OF THE SPEED BUMPS OF LIFE!