Thursday, January 14, 2010

Generals Daughter

Last night I attended a very special party. 9 Para Commandos got the Presidents citation for being the best fauji unit last yr. It was for their bravery during insurgency in Kashmir. Why was it special to me…well, my father commanded the regiment way back during IPKF.

Evenings like yesterday reminding me the importance of my heritage…my heritage of being born into an Armed Forces Family. Most of the officers present there are posted in the most hostile environments. If it weren’t mentioned, you wouldn’t know. These men are joyful and hopeful. I didn’t hear a single person moan about his job or life. Army men are such positive souls.

I am so thankful to have got this upbringing. Not a day when my father gave A and me more than we deserved or needed (needs never end…do they?). We traveled through the country in all kinds of transportation…but they journeys were always fun. With packed food and water campers, we just marched along.

My father is a big role model to the young army men. Last evening there was not one person who didn’t walk up to me and say how much they loved and respected my dad. Not one wife who didn’t ay how much her husband looked up to the General. My father…THE General. He was the Colonel of the Regiment in his last 3 years of his service. He was one of the very few Lt Gen who Para jumped down with his men at the age of 60, during the Para regiment-raising day.

The General has been my only role model. Although his father was an army man as well, my father has taught how to have a flawless career in the civil world. I don’t have a mentor in the corporate world. Yet at the age of 26 I was heading one of the most respected brands in the world. It can only be due to the great advice that my father gave me during very rough days.

If I ever came home cribbing about work or my boss, all he said to me simply was “ If you find all this too tough then why don’t you just get married and raise a family?” Baas that was it, next day I would be back at work telling my self “ I love what I do, then why am I cribbing”. My father taught me the importance of loving what you do.

Last night I was so proud to be The Generals Daughter…Not just any General…My father …my hero!

I salute you dad for if I am even half of what you have been in your career, I would consider my career a HUGE success. If I have inspired even quarter of the people that you have inspired in your life time then I am happy to be me.

I also salute you General for teaching me the importance of work. For every scream and every kick you sent my way, for today I am able to restart my life from scratch with great dignity. I could only do that for I have my work to support me financially and emotionally.

I salute you dear father for supporting a BRAT like me, even when the world thought otherwise.

Any man can be a Father. It takes someone special to be a Dad. A Seed for Thought?!

My Hero- Debbie Hinton Young

As I ponder the love that I saw in his eyes,

A Godly love, given without compromise....

I recall many times that he stood by my side,

And prodded me on with great vigor and pride.

His voice ever confident, firm and yet fair,

Always speaking with patience, tenderness and care.

The power and might of his hands was so sure,

I knew there was nothing we couldn't endure.

It's true, a few others provided insight,

Yet, he laid the foundation that kept me upright.

He's the grandest of men to have lived on this earth,

Although he's not royal by stature or birth.

He's a man of great dignity, honor and strength.

His merits are noble, and of admirable length.

He's far greater than all other men that I know,

He's my Dad, he's my Mentor, my Friend and Hero!


I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

:) so heartfelt
i cant even imagine how much sir has done to benifit in ur life in ways that even u might never understand...the love of a father is unexplainably unbeliavable..theyre like guiding lights and heroes. Im so happy for u that u are one of the blessed children in this world to have such wonderful parents. I guess we are god's special children..god sent peices of himself to raise us and guide us and we call them parents :)

Small Miracle said... are such a sweet little boy! : )

This is that said...

Salute thee..There's no doubting that he has been the best influence in your life. I remember my chats with him. It was like talking to a Guru. Salute him .

Saurabh said...

all salutes to the army man....and to the army men!
all salutes to u as well.

all salutes to me for telling u about a copy mistake! :P ... ok...ignore this salute :P

heartfelt...and really inspiring.

keep the good work up :)

Small Miracle said...

Roogie, you know the General is very fond of you : )