Friday, August 7, 2009


I have been glancing at various Rakhi pictures been uploaded by people on Facebook. I for one have no pictures to upload. My younger brother lives abroad. Just looking at the rakhi pictures of various people made me misty eyed. This time more than other I felt alone. Last 2 times the courier came back coz the Americans are so paranoid about “what’s in the packet!”

Isn’t it amazing that our country actually celebrates siblings…a festival where in a sister thanks her brother for being there for her, the brother shows his love by giving her a gift. Its so simple and pure. That’s what siblings are supposed to be for each other.

Looking back in my life I have had my ups and downs with my brother. Lets just say there has been more ups then downs. He and I are totally opposite to each other. I was that really naughty kid who was always being punished for some prank I had been up to, while A was the dreamer. He used to sit in a corner and draw….or run about catching butterflies. He was the one who was scared of the dark and I was the one who had my own room since I was 1 yr old. A is an introvert and I am an extrovert. He was good at school while I barely managed to make my grades every year. He hardly has any friends and I have one in every corner of the world and in every city that I have been to.

There are days we are best of friends and then there are days where we cant seem to agree on anything. Our personalities are so different that I guess it’s a crazy combination. Over the years we have learnt to adjust to each other and our temperaments. Today when I am going through my separation with nik… A picked up the phone and told me to go meet D. Today he understands and accepts that if there is one person on earth who will UNCONDITIONALLY love me and cherish me and pull back together then its D. Today he understands that both him and D have different places in my life.

We are literally East and West…He is father of 2 very bright and beautiful kids and I am in the process of concluding my family life. His main role today is of fatherhood and motherhood is something I might never have. He keeps reminding me of who I was and who I still am, deep down. He calls me ever so often and tells me all will be fine. His favourite line to me is “ you are a LIDDER”….just like dad you are meant for big things in life.

This Rakhi when I had no Rakhi to tie…I missed A and cried a bit.

My brother and I go back more than anyone else on earth and so it shall be in this lifetime. That my dear is NO seed for thought.


agent green glass said...

oye. nice post. made me sniff. and wish i had a brother. : ) have a good time in bangalore. and see u in mumbai next time.

SePuLcHeR said...

makes me want to tie a rakhi to my brother! :P

u r an absolute dum dum - um sure if u thought a bit...u wud have been able to figure out at least someone to tie a rakhi to :)

anyways.....what my concern is...too too too many copy mistakes this time :(

Small Miracle said...

thanks Agent. i was sooo excited abt my blore trip till this damn swine flu story broke today. whyyyyyyyyyyy the fuck does this happen to me??!!!!!!!

Sepulcher...u are maddddddd...hhahahah...copy paste the mistakes and send them to me at FB inbox...lets argue this one out! ; )

BOTTOM line i misssssssss "A"!!!!

I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

siblings are the best
love this post :)

Would love to meet A someday :)

Small Miracle said...

thanks tattoo boy...A is the male version of me to look at but other wise...we are totally diff!!