Friday, July 31, 2009


Its Dark
Its Cold
I am confused
I am scared
Its Hot
Its dry
I don't know what to do

I am Happy
I am Cool
I am Sensitive too
Its Warm
Its getting Hot
Now I am breathless for sure

I am stuck in a the elevator
There is no way to go
My heart is pumping hard
I can't hear
you at all
My eyes are misting over
I can smell fear

I am Scared
I am Confused
Hold my hand
Don't leave me
The door will open up
fer sure

I have been
in this place for too long
Be patient
I will walk out of that door
This elevator I am confined in
I will get out of alive
fer sure

I am confused
I am scared
Please help me
Open up this door
I want to hold you
I need to get out
of here RIGHT NOW

Breathe with me
not just once
but several times more
I see light
I am reaching out
for freshness
fer sure

Darlin juss hold me
'coz I am scared
It took
a lot for me
to admit it
You have GOT to know....

Fear is the mind-killer...I know that but for some reason I can't stop, feelin fear. Seed for thought?!!


SePuLcHeR said...

Fear is basically an evaluator of our strengths! Fear aint necessarily a bad thing. Neither it is a required emotion, mostly.
But fear is essential too.... i.e. ... if u fear the right things! get scare at the right times!

agent green glass said...

shit. you've been on my mind for two days. neha... just come to mumbai. pack your bags and come.
i know i should be saying how strong you are, how beautiful you are, how smart and sassy you are - but you probably know that. so i really can't think of anything else except just abandon the fear, come to my place. and we'll fight this together.
just come.

Small Miracle said...

i am comin to bbay agent green glass. for sure. I need ur madness to make me sane again ; )

Small Miracle said...

Sepulcher...its a new emotion for me..i have NEVER felt fear...of anything!!

SePuLcHeR said...

late...but u felt it....finally...everyone does...almost.... sometimes.

Fearless is merely fearless....the one who overcomes his/her fear is brave!