Tuesday, August 25, 2009


He: You look so pretty in blue, I just can't stop thinking of you
She: thank you

He: You know I think about you all the time
She: Hmmm...I thought you were a busy man

He: I think of you every minute, only when I am working are you off my mind
She: Ok, that something...isn't it?

He: What is it about you that makes me so comfortable?
She: I guess its our vibe!?

He: You make me all soft, its like I am mush inside
She: You and soft, nah!(she smiles)

He: OK that's it, Can I come over and stay tonight
She: weren't you here just the other night? (naughty grin)

He: I like to hold you and feel your heart beat next to mine
She: Its a precious feeling, alright! (blushing)

He: I want you to know these moments are very special
She: (silent)

He: You silence speaks to me
She: (still silent)

He: When you run your fingers on my skin, I feel like a bit of heaven is within
She: Is that why you get goosebumps when I touch you? (naughty grin)

He: I have never felt this way before (softly)
She: Me neither, this feeling makes me so mellow

He: Every time I leave you, I want to come right back (whisper)
She: Every time you leave I want you back with me

He: I miss you, your touch, your voice, your feel..I will see you soon
She: In an hour or so?

She: what does tomorrow hold? (his arms around her)
He: Don't think of it, its just today we know

She: You and I can never be (with sadness)
He: I know and that's been our deal

She: I want out, I want more
He: Marriage, is that what you want?

She: No No...you know that's not possible fer sure
He: So then enjoy this moment and let tomorrow be

She: What will I say to MY tomorrow when we shall meet?
He: Oh, why is it so difficult for you to cherish me?(annoyed)

She: Why are we doing this?
He: Listen, I hope you find some one you loves you, gives you a house and kids

She: (Shocked...with tears welling in her eyes)
He: You know I will be happy for you if you did

She: You will be OK that some one else will be a part of me?( Now crying)
He: As long as you are happy...(Sigh)

She: You don't mean it..how could you?
He: I do...from the bottom of my heart (whispering)

She: Why are you with me?

A long pause

He: Can I come over tomorrow night?


I Wear It Like A Tattoo said...

Really nice! descriptive and intimate writing...the dialogues are good..this can be a play too!

and OK all i wanna say is

I need it pls!

Small Miracle said...

Tattoo boy, you know this is just the beginning. Part 2 to follow soon. I am so excited about Vixen Speak and turning A Seed for Thought around. Enough of dark ramblings of small miracle : )

agent green glass said...

nice. very very nice.

Small Miracle said...

Thanks Agent!! I think I am gonna write a play : )